Bite B Gone | Bug Bite Treatment & Relief

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INSTANT ITCH RELIEF only takes a few seconds to relieve itch from mosquito, spider, bee, wasp, or bug bite.

PREVENTS INFECTIONS by using our proven formula to eradicate poisons, toxins, and bad bacteria.

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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

It should be every prepper's #1 priority & vital concern! The $20 Solution!

Come along, I will take you to the Superstition Ranch Market here in Mesa, Arizona to purchase my fruits and vegetables. The local Ranch Market has such great …
Prepper Burn Treatment

ION: Burn Treatment is an effective pain killer and disinfectant. It is a non-toxic formula of stabilized oxygen molecules in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate with glycerin. It works effectively on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns.

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23 replies
  1. Avatar
    Melody Tenisch says:

    Wow! Good for you!😁 I live in northwest WA state and never see deals like you're getting! Nice! I have a small garden and grow what I can, dehydrate some, pick fruit, etc. Great video; thanks!🙏👍

  2. Avatar
    leanna1017 says:

    I love Superstition Ranch Market. We live about 2 miles away. It is great now that they post their sales on IG and FB. Makes planning my grocery list easier.

  3. Avatar
    michele salazar says:

    Would love to see how you can up those red peppers yum. I think that is the same market we were at when we visited our friends in Apache Junction last year. Had a cooler and bought so many good deals and came home to Albuquerque.

  4. Avatar
    Robin InVA says:

    It is definitely hard not to be a wee bit envious of those that live in regions with such steals of deals. We have nothing like that and never have. However….I am a savvy shopper and always seek the markdowns! Nice score. Good for you! You take great care of those you love. ❤️


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