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    Old Pup says:

    I usually put one end in the pool, turn on the water and let it stop bubbling, the kink the hose at the valve end. Then disconnect from the water, walk it out and un-kink the hose. Works just fine. 🙂

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    Susan McMillan says:

    Carry a special siphon tube in your car, by your get back home bag. I have seen children die because they inhale gasoline. Don't take a chance. Some things doctors can NOT fix, like chemical burns to the lungs.

  3. Avatar
    Bob Simpson says:

    Hey E775, I have a couple questions. I'm sure others would like to know.. how much electricity does the average home use? So, if you're buying solar panels, what size system might you need? If you decide to use water collection for your home, what's a good pump to use for proper pressure for sinks, toilets, and showers? If you're going to look for land, what are some things to look for when checking out properties? These are questions that folks might need to know to start prepping.

  4. Avatar
    frognuts69 says:

    I had to change the liner on my moms pool also. I just threw the entire hose into the pool, grabbed an end and kinked it. Then pulled the end out of the water and threw it on ground. Spit and sputter as it burped the line, but all the same result as yours. itll burp out the air.

  5. Avatar
    n3lee says:

    As someone that worked in the pool industry for 10+ yrs in new england; I'm surprised to see an above ground pool with a floor drain.   Typically as long as the floor drain is on a diverter valve (so that no more than 50% of your water flow is from the floor) your not required to have a second drain.   From a prepping standpoint, having the floor drain allows you to continue to be able to filter your water with whatever type of medium is available (cartridge filter, earth filter, or sand filter) even after you've used the water to a level below the skimmer (where most installations would stop working.   There are ways to overcome this in a conventional pool; but perhaps if you want to do a 'pool preppers' segment you can zap me a message and we'll discuss that some more..    Otherwise, good advice (as always!)

  6. Avatar
    dodgeramguy85 says:

    Just thinking out loud here after my long day but couldnt you just use the pool pump to get the water out? We didnt have a floor drain in our pool but Id hook up the cleaning hoses to the pump and then use that to get the water out. Much much faster just have to keep an eye on it when it gets low


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