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    Reloader 7sixtwo says:

    I've had one like the first you showed for many years, ending up giving it to my dad and getting me a newer model with basically the same data but with a color display. I plan to upgrade again this year but this time I'm going to get one with wind direction.

  2. Avatar
    Kenneth says:

    I was wondering if Accurite was any good. I'ts good to know it lasted you a long time. Thanks, thats the information I needed that I couldn't find in any other video on the subject!

  3. Avatar
    Gidget says:

    We just bought one of their humidity gages. The Florida humidity makes any prep stores in danger at all times. 😆 This past summer we seen lots of days with 98° temp with 100% humidity. It was like walking around covered in a wet blanket 😧

  4. Avatar
    hallard069 says:

    I have this same exact model but surprised it's not changed design in 3 years. Better half bought it for me as a present and I love it. Other preppers laugh at me for suggesting them to get one because they don't think trying to know the weather in 12/24hrs is important "they'll just look outside" or use the stick method of weather forecasting. Only downside to these, only use lithium batteries if temps get below zero for the outside sensor. We had a cold spell in Northern Ohio that was below zero for several days and the outdoor sensor was worthless with alkaline batteries.

  5. Avatar
    Contentment says:

    This a great review, George. We have been looking for a quality weather station for some time. Seems like most of the best ones include GPS, which we definitely DON'T want. Appreciate you sharing this.


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