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43 replies
  1. Avatar
    Mark Thomas says:

    Yep 99%of people will change in a disaster situation,you hit the nail on the head,oh enjoy your antibiotics reviews ,thanks heaps information was excellent,thank you very much for sharing,

  2. Avatar
    Claire O'Sullivan says:

    we prepped for a disaster not knowing what was going to occur, fire, martial law, earthquake, but we didn't see the financial disaster that hit. That prepping saved us a year for food, water, toilet paper, money for mortgage. Saved our butts. We don't big time prep now. We have go bags for fires and … etc. We have everything available (cheaply) that after looking up stupid crap, I made up and revised our list (just 3 pages now). Back when we were in dire need for finances, we sold all 12 guns. Or 13. A baby grand piano (1923 Chickering), jewelry, you name it, we sold it to live the 2nd year. We have our ccls but no guns. Well, sadly, we still can't afford but if we ever need…

  3. Avatar
    Anthony Williams says:

    Stay with Jesus, men will get worse and worse, God speed on finding trustworthy people or good luck as some would say, work on keeping your fat mouth shut, try not to talk too much, my malady, good people will die for this country like they did in 1776, and 1861, as far as a commune, keep your women away.

  4. Avatar
    Damian Yeager says:

    Thank you very much for you’re videos, it’s great to see others noticing the constant decline in our country. The puppeteers or darkness that controls them! I’ve seen it since I was young, morals are all that matters. If you’re not human enough to go hungry to treat another right then you deserve what gets given to you. Thanks again patriot nurse and God bless America.

  5. Avatar
    mike hughes says:

    The only people that are going to die are going to be the weak minded the fool the idiot your going to have to trust others if not there will not be anyone left you can’t win by your self it takes you and others that believe in the same morals to make it and to uphold the United

  6. Avatar
    anony maus says:

    If you are a woman. You had better know how to fuck and seduce the right people. That's how my grandma survived the Holocaust. Just saying…. And she wasn't the only woman who survived this way.

  7. Avatar
    Rabid Farmer says:

    All i will say is you dont have to be friends with everyone. The wounds of a friend is faithful – is all i need. Those who will go to the trenches with you are the ones you want. When the bow breaks, some will run and some will stay. When the shit hits the fan, you will know then who is a friend or not. But be well armed and prepared. dont count on anyone com8ng to your aid.

  8. Avatar
    ItzMikeOmg says:

    The MSM worldwide is pushing for global collapse.
    If you have one ounce of brains, you can see it coming. These globalist/communists think
    they can crash us all out and then rule over us with an iron hand once it does happen. They
    want a one world govt and they know it`ll never happen as long as we are sovereign nations.
    Food is important but weapons will be the MOST important. If you cannot defend yourself
    from govt and the non-preppers, you will fall. People often say "what can you do against an
    army of the govt", well let me tell you why AR-15s are the target of these globalist. AR-15 is
    a standoff weapon. What does that mean you ask? Imagine the govt does have some type
    army that begins coming to round us up, if we all have AR-15 type weapons, we can stall
    that out pretty much forever as long as we are willing. We`ll lose some people of course, but
    we`ll make it so they lose just as many and we`ll make it time consuming to go from one area
    to another. Something most people also need is a sniper rifle with a professional scope.
    Those can save the day much better than an AR-15 if the situation calls for it. Another thing
    is to trust no one once the SHTF. Only put your faith in the people you know and never ever
    take in stragglers because they are 99% the enemy sent in to break you down from within.
    The govt is training these types of people to be crisis actors, they will make you feel sorry
    for them and promise their full trust. If you fall for it you will be the 1st to be sent to the
    box cars. Most that do fall to the enemy will be because of a singular bad choice they make.

  9. Avatar
    billy watkins says:

    Even though this is two years old, I feel a need to address it. The first thing you came out with was morals? OK! Let's discuss this. In a structured environment, I'LL be first to say morals are important. However, in a shtf situation you don't want them to get in the way of what needs to be done. e.g. you're out looking for a new place to go. One closer to say, a creek or river. You start to get small arms fire. After the battle, you discover one of them is still alive. What needs to be done? You will be thankful for the guy who left his morals behind.

  10. Avatar
    Katherine Chapman says:

    Because we go off and pull away from society and try to hide from what is to come, this is why we endanger ourselves. The right thing to do, which might give the entire society a chance, is to make this lifestyle so mainstream that the elite can no longer pick us off without arousing the suspicion and outrage from the entire society. The inroad into this, I think, is organic food. The most sleepy left winger out there is starting to understand that local organic farms are necessary and important. Instead of going off by ourselves, we ought to be collectivizing and buying large pieces of land where we can build "towns." Yes, these would be targets. Yes, they would be infiltrated. That doesn't matter. What matters is building a proper future for humanity. I know this idea doesn't appeal to us rugged individualists, but it's the only way forward unless we want to sit in our foxholes and wait to be picked off.

  11. Avatar
    Glenn Brymer says:

    I guess you have a lot of real life experience to back up your ideas? Ever been in a hostile war situation?
    Any former military experience? Any practical experience?
    No offense but while you have some good ideas, when the ballon goes up, all plans go out the window.

  12. Avatar
    Mike B. says:

    Listen UP PEOPLE!! what the Nurse has said is true. I work security and I view everyone as a threat till their actions demonstrate other wise and often I am not disappointed in people actions but once in a while I am pleasantly surprised by people.


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