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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

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Here is an easy way to begin your prepping journey. Buy what you like to eat and is healthy. Every time you go to the store buy 4 cans of what you like.
Prepper Burn Treatment

ION: Burn Treatment is an effective pain killer and disinfectant. It is a non-toxic formula of stabilized oxygen molecules in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate with glycerin. It works effectively on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns.

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    Hard Truth says:

    As always outstanding information and advice. Just because it tastes a little like the can don’t mean it will kill you.

    I have 1500 gallons of water storage in 3 IBC’s and an 800 gallon tank. Multiple levels of water purification. We filter everything we drink and cook with through an alexapure pro.

    We use a clearsource 3 stage filter down to .2 microns and then a berkey in outer 5th wheel.

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    Oldtimer Lee says:

    Excellent advice on all points! Even us old folks, who've been doing this for a long time, need a refresher course. The older I get, the more I need to be reminded, especially of the finer points. Thank you for doing just that. (I need to start dating cans, as you're doing, for the same reasons.) Agree with you about Sawyer. We, each, have a personal mini Sawyer and a Sawyer All-In-One with the 5 gal bucket kit for "base camp". And, a Squeeze in vehicle Get Home. Here, I keep a couple of cases of bottled water, in case the pump or grid fails in the middle of the night. (Both have happened here.) Makes life easier to have a little water on hand, till the pump is repaired or long term grid-down is setup. Because we're on a sodium restricted diet, it's an especially good policy to periodically buy a few extra no-salt-added or reduced-sodium containers just to stash. Especially when BOGO sales come along. Cans of vegetables, boxes of chicken/beef broth and pouches of tuna, for example.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of this series, as I know there's more to learn along with some needed reminders!
    May you and yours have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

    PS: Those cases of water are routinely rotated out when the bottles begin to show distortion. Often before the "Best By"date rolls around. That water is good for watering plants. I learned the hard way, with floor damage, that timely FIFO, is a must before disposables begin to leak.

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    Numa Newbern says:

    I instructed my honey to create a subject breakdown of stuff like items in a can, items in a box etc, or as food groups, then we will create a spreadsheet using such and enter our purchases in it, we then can take the list to the store as we go and use it as a go buy


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