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44 replies
  1. Avatar
    Doug says:

    Not counting livestock or wildlife or garden I’d guess I have 3 or 4 months food , we have 6 springs and a stream on 2 sides bordering our property and deer and small game and cattle

  2. Avatar
    SHA'UL YISRAEL says:

    Shalom my Beloved Brother Malcom I do pray that ABBA YAHWEH grants you His favor and mercy multiplied unto you and that He continues to grant you the necessary provision and wisdom to survive and thrive in what is to come upon this planet as the events foretold of in the Set-Apart Scriptures unfold before our eyes. In the name of our soon coming King Yahshua Ha MessiYAH may ABBA YAHWEH direct and guide and open your entire heart to receive Him that you may be counted worthy to endure the great trials, afflictions and distresses to come. Be strong and stedfast in YAHWEH and in the power of His blessed might.

  3. Avatar
    Entertainment Guide says:

    I just love it when kids give prepping advice by reading a script. You can tell by this video that this fellow has no idea how to fully prepare, or even understand what he is trying to relay. All I can say is WOW !!!

  4. Avatar
    Avarage Amature Bodybuilder says:

    i live in nothern norway, in the long power outage situations. We cant have a litte light, the problem with living in nothern norway is that there are winter with – 20 C degrees and also no sunlight all day. so we need a big ass generator and a fucking huge heat rediator. if not the water tubes is going to explode. then your fucked

  5. Avatar
    joe sar says:

    Yes I don't know people want to bug out so damn bad I got a vast knowledge of living in the wilderness and it won't be no cake walk even for experts it's hard dirty gritty work

  6. Avatar
    Bob Bradley says:

    Anyone who has evacuated in Florida due to Hurricanes can tell you bugging out is NOT an option. It's a romantic dream. You might? find enough gas to get you to the next place you run out of gas but that's it. On the way you won't find any place that has food left. Most of the time you won't even find gas stations open. AND this is NOT a shtf deal. You really think in a real shtf deal it will be better? Again, romantic dream but that's it. So, you plan to hit the road with a minimal amount of food and water when you left food and security at home? I just can't believe how stupid people are with these bug out ideas.

  7. Avatar
    ThatLadyDray says:

    Thank you for this video & for keeping it practical. I'm vey interested in learning more about self sustainability & prepping as well as teach my children. When videos have these "be scared to death" vibe, it's a turn off for me personally as I'm not interested in fear mongering. I'm interested in practicality. So again, thank you.

  8. Avatar
    Dutch Silver Stacker says:

    here in the netherlands we dont really have power outtages that much but still i have food for at least 1 month for 2 persons but building it up every week 🙂 and im practicing my bow skills every now and than. (guns are not allowed here)

  9. Avatar
    MasterK9Trainer says:

    Your advice is sound, but if I may elaborate a bit, you don't have to rely on just Ramen noodles and highly salted canned meals. There are canned meats, various types of pasta and you can buy canned fruits and vegetables, instant rice, instant oatmeal, boxed or canned milk, and the basic staples such as flour (Wheat for long, long term storage), sugar, honey, salt, and seasonings. Of course these easy to make meals will require some cooking gear unless you have a gas stove. Canned fruits, gelatin and pudding can serve as desserts or treats. And bottled or canned juice will provide a break from just drinking water. And breakfast cereal is always an option.

    We had foods for a dialysis and a diabetic diet and both were also low sodium. And my family has endured several hurricanes which are always followed by a loss of power as long as a week.
    I used to partake in re-enactments and we'd take shelf stable cheese and eat that with bread or crackers. I used to make a meal out of a bullion cube, a can of chicken, Ramen noodles and a can of peas and carrots. I could have done more, but those were overnight trips, so I kept it simple as I used the old Esbit stove with fuel tablets to cook with.

  10. Avatar
    sfat fuxia says:

    Hey preppers,
    Have you heard the term, " don't keep all your eggs in one basket"?
    We can't prep for everything.
    So don't over do it.
    Don't make a life out of this prepping stuff.
    If you do you may not ever really live.
    Learn a few different trades that you can take with you wherever you go.
    Do what you like, but try not to go too crazy over this stuff.

  11. Avatar
    WeGameGrizzly says:

    Prepping is ultimately survival. You will run into other people in a shtf situation. You have to have a means of defense against someone who poses a threat to you or your loved ones. Buy a gun!

  12. Avatar
    Aurora Dreamer says:

    I'm a minor and a preper as is my closest friends and the love of my life. We dont do this because we think it's cool or because we think its trendy. We do it because we know our world is going to absolute shit and we dont want to die

  13. Avatar
    Too Funny says:

    great video! start slowly (but get started!) I recommend getting lights, radios etc that use same batteries. rechargeable are excellent. remember what you pack, you have to carry! i have 3 bags. and duplicate what is in them. 1 for vehicle, house , and one to carry if needed. this helps if a relative shows up or a friend you hand them a bag if needed.i would recommend LED for new lights. use lees power and brighter. use the old ones if that is all you have and you can convert mag lights to led with a kit. i have done this to 3 mag lights. having fm radio is great,but also get your ham license (some ham radios can pick up fm stations which saves space and batts) or at least some type of walkie talkie type radio, cb, gmrs etc. first aid kits are a absolute necessity! when your tired and irritated your will make mistakes which will result in injuries.
    for water at home get rain barrels and hook to your gutters. you can always filter it. use it for gardens, flushing toilets etc.
    Happy prepping, so if you ever have to use it, your good to go!

  14. Avatar
    Benjamin Kanoza says:

    Everyone's problem; you were born years ago. You neglect the history of those born after you.

    People (such as myself) born as a millenial in 1989, remember Oklahoma, Persian Gulf, Bay of Pigs, Recession in 2008, seeing vegtables become higher priced than normal in 2011, and seeing the World Trade Center attacks. Seeing the world continue on.

    You talk about how things have gone downhill, and feel we don't "understand", no that we can't "accept" eachother. But what do those mean? If I ask you to understand my viewpoint as a 30 year old, experiancing the same problems, but without a connection to link the past and present, you can't, just as I can't. I'm in my own timeline while you focus on yours I am stuck in mine. THIS viewpoint is what seperates YOU from ME.

    You claim liberals are doing harm. I claim government is, still others claim conservatives are. Whom is right? You'll still be limited by your own history though.

    Your history will never never be the same as mine, and while I feel the government itself is at fault, am subjected to my own bias, I do know that "the problems faced" are not a single side. It's a burning pain, like a foot being put in a boiling pot of water.

    No one acknowledges the past, and certainly not the future. Listen a little bit (face to face), maybe you'll get it then.

  15. Avatar
    Karvast says:

    Starts with basics.
    Food water and heat if you don't have all those three you would die quickly if it was to dissapear
    For food canned food is cheap and last a long time dehydrated food is more expensive but can last more than a decade or two.if you are in the countryside you can grow your food.
    Water. You can keep some bottled water but it goes bad after a year.if you have a well that has water you can drink out off it's also a big plus.
    Blankets is the cheap way to go,wood stoves provides you heat and you can cook on it and there is plenty of wood if you live in the countryside near woodland area you can also hezt yourself with propane or fuel if you can't have a wood stove.

  16. Avatar
    Jessie X says:

    First video I thought would help me starting my journey into planning my preparations for all kinds of climate emergency madness coming ahead.

    There needs to be some huge social changes, mostly public funding and such, It's not as bad here in Canada as the US so I won't ramble further on that. The government has failed so many of it's people so blatantly it's sickening. I'm only 25 and so many millenials and gen x's are becoming aware of the urgency to protect our future and lives.

    I have keeping a journal to track everything I can about what life is like now because I think it's only going to be a few years until we really start to see some seriously uncomfortable changes. Especially effecting the poor and uneducated, so your video definitely misses one target… (it's me I'm poor)

    Personally, I moved out on my own while finishing college 2 years ago, and come from an extremely poor and broken family. I can't keep juggling 3 jobs while being stuck in geared to income housing… Living right in the heart of downtown next to the homeless shelters and trap houses. The changes I have seen just living where I do is horrifying. It's important to consider as many social perspectives you can when talking about important survival tips… We all feel the urgency to prepare for action ….

    I am very lucky to be Canadian, the government is garbage wherever you go in the world but I'm so grateful for our land and people here. Would like to get involved with some serious environmental fights happening while I can. I recently found and met some of my biological family and I have aboriginal heritage which has been exciting, gonna get my Metis status soon and first hand support the people struggling to protect our land.!!!
    May the force be with all of us on our journeys!

  17. Avatar
    mike holt says:

    I started in 1975 when i got out of the Army, but I had to sell all my gear to cover some bills. How can I start again on $ 5.00 a mouth no kidding I am on a very small pension and I work full time my wife is disabled and gets a small check..

  18. Avatar
    hdgallagher says:

    Stupid, bug out bag is plan A. SHTF scenario it's the people that stay put that die. All you need is some Night vision goggles, an AR, a travel fishing pole, and a good plate carrier. Fishing pole allows you to tap into one of the world's greatest food sources… You can take what you want from other preppers with your AR. Plate carrier is there to protect you from them and other assholes. NVGs allow you to move around at night when it's safe and run nighttime operations… there is a reason special forces run their mission at night, huge advantage.

  19. Avatar
    Hm Comps says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for

    survivalist blog forum

    try Lonnonnar Survival Quickie (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  20. Avatar
    Jayson Sykes says:

    I have probably a weeks worth of food, but unfortunately only about 3 days worth of water. But I do have some straw filters and a homemade filter I made a bit ago that would cover the inbetween. Definitely need to start doing better at this point.

  21. Avatar
    Richard Desousa says:

    You should already be prepared. store a lot of food/water and tell everyone you are a prepper, prepared people will need your food and drinks after they bump you off and are headed to the next prepper, thanks in advance


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