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    Barskor1 says:

    Storage is great but when the stores are used up what do you do? I know enginer775 does wood gasification but there are other options.
    Get a grain press and make your own diesel from what you grow. I recommend that after SHTF you grow Industrial Hemp 300 gallons of diesel per acre and you get flour to eat or feed to livestock while getting fiber for cloth, paper, rope and so on.
    Turpentine made from pine tree sap can be used as a gasoline substitute the Japaneses did so in WW2. So your wood lot maybe more valuable than you ever knew.

  2. Avatar
    Indiana DIY says:

    Cool Video, I am planning just premium gas in new Gerry Cans in the garage about 20 gallons, Once I have funds for cans and fuel. Now for me I use Amsoil additives to my fuel, but thats just personal preference. 

  3. Avatar
    evangelon2 says:

    Hi Scott,  I have an idea you may be interested in for preserving large volumes of fuel in tanks (like the ones in this video).  If you took a Welding gas bottle filled with nitrogen or argon (or some noble gas) you could connect it to the fuel tanks via the vent hole.  You could set the welding gas regulator to a slight positive pressure and leave the flow rate wide open.  When you pumped fuel from the tanks the “airspace” in the fuel tank will be displaced with a dry noble gas.  

    You would need a valve on the tank vent to keep it airtight.  It would only need to be opened when refilling the tanks with fuel.

    You would also probably need a flexible tank (like a fuel bladder) within the system to handle thermal expansion and contraction,  It might also need it’s own isolator so that you can close it off from the rest of the system when the noble gas bottle is open (so it doesn’t inflate the bladder).

    But if this worked, there would be no oxygen or moisture to condense in the tank.

  4. Avatar
    SpockMcoy Issmart says:

    I'll take a wild guess here and say no permits are required where ever you installed these.  In my area, single wall tanks must have a containment dike around them.  The electrical supply [lights/receptacles] must be of the explosion proof type. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have this set up.

  5. Avatar
    The Chiefe says:

    You said you keep using the fuel, but keep the tanks full. Isn't that contradictory, can you explain what you mean? Do they keep constantly re-filling the tanks as they keep using the fuel?

  6. Avatar

    Fire caution with flammable walls close by (walls may get hot in the sun).  Manageable with outside brush clearance, maybe ceramic tile, corrugated metal, or stucco would be cheap for fireproofing surfaces adjacent to the tanks if desired. Filling tractors, power equipment, etc. it is normal that small spills occur at inopportune times. I like to anchor tanks on concrete pads, but this works if flooding does not soften soil under tank feet.

  7. Avatar
    Damien Percy says:

    i would feel safer if that Battery and electrical work were in a housing to protect from Spark or splash. Have you got adequate fire fighting equipment for this amount of fuel, and have the owners been trained in its use.

  8. Avatar
    Tom Leff says:

    If you are going to have an exposed battery I would like to see it higher off the ground in case you had a leak gas leak. Gas will hover near the ground and if the conditions let it build up at the battery then… well having it off the ground is safer. For the same reason the water heaters in garages are off the ground in new construction these days. That's an open flame and even more important but having layers of safety is important. Nice set-up and fine video.

  9. Avatar
    ROB CAM says:

    " well here in the US we still have guns".
    I live in the UK and have been a member of the local pistol and rifle club for 12 years.
    I now own 7 fire-arms and thousand of rounds of ammo.
    Most farmers here also know how to use then.

  10. Avatar
    maximum woof says:

    with no double wall, what about a concrete containment 'floor', should there be any leaks… i'm imagining in your consultative capacity, you've advised them in writing for something of some such an environmental safeguard, but they declined due to cost or similar reason… i was thinking more of a 'catchall' where evaporation is a more desirable outcome vs. leaching into the ground…

  11. Avatar
    zfilmmaker says:

    You are 100% right on additives. I rarely come across someone who shares the same beliefs. I keep hearing all this yada yada yada. I have 3 5000gal diesel tanks on my farm, I have had fuel in them 15 years with zero problems. The only issues were water which I didn't have but it's always a concern. I envy your bulk Prem 95 octane non-ethanol. All we have here in VA is standard octane.

  12. Avatar
    Mato Lato says:

    This was great, I been tryin to find out about "building a stockpile of food" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Proutklarton Surviving Technics Plan – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

  13. Avatar
    Todd Hower says:

    I like your plan. Seems to me starting with ethanol free gas is one of the best things we can do to get the maximum shelf life for gasoline. Ethanol breaks down fast.

  14. Avatar
    Donald Smith says:

    I think that as long as the gas is used and replaced all the time it should be good. I have had trouble with gas that just set for a long time! Ethanol is not a problem! Ethanol has been used from when car have been around. High octane was called Ethel up until around the 50's because that was how they increased the octane. The trouble now is that the government past a law that all gas Must have ethanol in it. So to keep the octane down they had to add a lot of other things. You know everyone must list everything in the gas. You can check what has been added to the gas to keep the octane down when forced to add ethanol! Ethanol boosts the octane! E85 is about 110 Octane! Go to the website and get the data sheet for the gas. You will fin4 or 5 things added to keep the octane down!

  15. Avatar
    Mark O'nee 1 says:

    Not much of a plan really is it .Tree's = fire=wooden building =BOOM .
    The tanks should be underground away from the property HIDDEN .
    Yeh lets tell the state and get planning permission ?
    Might as well hand over the fuel to them now and save the fire fight when they come for it .
    This looks more like a std farm setup apart from the lack of bunding to contain any leaks .

  16. Avatar
    Daniel E says:

    Engineer 775 could you please post the name of the paste that changes colors when exposed to water please and where it could be purchased. Thank you very much.

  17. Avatar
    Target Time says:

    I found a 1000gal tank for $1000.
    I run 97 octane for my vehicles.
    Would this be something say 1 time a year I could buy a years worth of fuel, or would this be a bad idea. I dont believe I would be able to fill the 1000gal tank every couple months. Would like for a years worth and just use it

  18. Avatar
    Truth says:

    I'm in Australia, and I'm trying to find the equivalent type of tanks presented in this video, adn I can't find any anywhere. Do you supply/ship these tanks to Australia? Thanks.


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