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    Angel R. [Male] says:

    I'm curious to know if this will turn out to be a big nothing and things will go back to usual in months or if it will turn out to be something big that will usher in a new paradigm. 🤔👍🏻

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    Huples Cat EPL says:

    It is funny. I expected a climate disaster shtf or a major real war. Although into health care and even did a full series last year on a pandemic I never really figured I'd see one. As I keep saying this is the start of a temporary global shtf. First in my life time. Economic collapse is a given. sarscov2 will crush the economy but probably give it a renewed vigor afterwards so I'm a bit more optimistic on that aspect than you I think. I refinanced my mortgage. 6 months and closed as selling soon. Got a 5 cents Canadian discount per month lol. Economy is rigged to the point it is inelastic now and collapse is unavoidable other than by a major war which they will fight to maintain their power.

    Oil is way down. Our gas per litre dropped 5 cents lol. Big Oil keeps the discount and passes along any increases. Greed will do us all in.
    In my Pandemic 2019 series I said DOW 1000 at the height of the pandemic (15% death rate btw in the Second Wave– hum). I am hoping I am not psychic

    This is why we prepped. This is shtf actual not shtf fantasy. Driving around costcos and Sam's clubs documenting what is missing but not understanding how infections get transmitted seems a thing this week. Meanwhile in my world I see the hospital utterly unable to cope and a rising number of probable covid19 not being investigated. People can be blind to unpleasant truth for a long, long time

    Plastic rice and beans packets on discount. Grab them and hoard them. Cut up linen and old jeans for TP. Free from the cult of neocapitalism while money means something and you can get long term life from it not short term fast food! If you haven't prepped hit HDP's weekly prepping series and start today

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    Wayne G says:

    I am glad that I got back on the ball last year after literally packing a bag and starting over again with almost nothing. Never been happier to have my preps than I am now.

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    Red October says:


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    truth freeze says:

    Great take on current news! There is a plan unfolding on the world stage and predicting(know the enemy/the fallout) is a good part of the being ready.cog at all costs.I once by accident was in a chinese wholsesale chemicals and medicines website and was shocked at just how many raw materials were being sold in alphabetical order."A" took on several pages of small print and so on.pre 80's,USA manufactured and sold most products in house.

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    TheDelawarePatriot says:

    Getting a little fancy on this one HDP! Good video. This whole situation has been captivating, watching it unfold, watching how it’s affecting every sector of our societal and monetary systems. Eventually we will look back on all this and it will become part of the prepper lexicon and learning examples, like Hurricane Katrina and the 08’ collapse has.

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    Midas Welby says:

    ya man, I did some topping off of food preps yesterday, Walmart was still fully stocked, EXCEPT for cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I took pics of the empty isles , and we don't even have a C.V. case yet. Although its next door in Idaho and Washington. Im less worried about the actually virus, more worried about the effects its causing to food and services as well as the economy. be safe take care


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