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22 replies
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    dd Holcomb says:

    Happy Easter AG thank you for sharing an excellent video with the rest of us. I would like to suggest another item to help reduce the need of using water for washing pots and pans I would keep plenty of aluminum foil on hand. I line my cast iron pots and pans with aluminum foil to cook in that way when I finish all I do is to take out the aluminum foil and throw it away or burn what's left in a campfire and carry out and then I don't have to worry about dirty pots and pans and no left over food to spoil and reduces the need for water to clean pots and pans. Just some food for thought. Respectively dd

  2. Avatar
    Ms. Byrd says:

    I store TAP water for Hygiene and cleaning uses (with a cap full of bleach). Buy the 'big' jugs and keep at least one in each bathroom and if you have the storage space store those large jugs so that you can use your 'Drinking Water' to drink and cook with… just my opinion. Very practical and a lot of new information I didn't know, good video!

  3. Avatar
    Done working says:

    My god Granny, … Just the thought of having to get started prepping today makes me sick.
    There's now "limits" on everything I can buy, not to mention the skyrocketing prices.
    They only allowed five people in the local store at a time to shop, and the line up outside is ridiculous.
    I'm going in soon and when I do, I'll walk around the store for an hour or so shopping, .. hey, I didn't make the rules.
    But I'll be wearing my mask, goggles and gloves, … lol

    I just filled the incubator with 31 chicken eggs, … cross my fingers. These ones are for the good brother and the next batch for the good sister, and then a batch for me, .. and if I'm lucky, the hens will be able to hatch a batch for themselves. Depends on if they go broody.

    Now in the past with my $320 a month income, I've had no qualms utilizing the Food Bank as a resource, .. but now I understand they are under quite the strain as they try to accommodate the sudden and huge rise in "clients".
    The "unprepared".
    In the past, there was always such an abundance of food at the Food Bank, .. I almost felt guilty not accessing this resource, .. almost eh? And then there's the "stigma", you know, of being a useless beggar. .. lol
    Not that I worry about what other people think of me eh? But other people worry about what is "thought" about them I guess.
    Silly creatures.
    Not now, as they all raid the Food Bank in desperation. Shock on their faces eh?
    So, I'm leaving that resource alone now. You know, for the new losers in the great win/lose we all play as sane and honourable.
    Economic win/lose anyone?

    So I started dumpster diving again after taking the whole winter off.
    The weather is perfect, not too cold, not too warm. And the poor "for profit" fools are still throwing out perfectly good food by the dumpster full. Well, .. along with some real garbage too, .. you can't forget the real garbage such as myself eh? … lol
    Four gallons of high quality, never frozen OJ. Can you imagine? And when one tub of Cottage busted and spewed its contents on the rest of the tubs, they threw out the whole flat of 12 tubs. Not even near their BBD. Can you imagine?
    There was a large bag of assorted "stewing" veggies, and one parsnip was "off", .. lol, .. so they tossed everything.
    Plus three loose turnip all by themselves in a bag.
    I don't know what I'll do with the eight large boxes of small dog treats I "found". Guess it's time to get a dog eh? But I wanted a large dog!
    Oh well, I'll take whatever dog god provides at this point in the "game".
    I "found" two small rounds of Waxed Cheddar Cheese, and a couple dozen Waxed Babybel Cheese. Can you imagine?
    The small bottle of "extra aged" Balsamic Vinegar was just bonus. But so were the bags of salads everywhere. Not even out of the box they were shipped in and as fresh and nice looking as anything you'd "pay for".
    Then there were the little boxes of single serving Humus. Man, I love that stuff. 16 servings later, … I'm IN!
    And I can't forget all the fruit. Mangoes, apples, oranges, avocado, … And talk about tasty!
    Sure beats the Food Bank eh?
    Until they catch on that I'm a it again. Then they'll start "souping" the dumpster and pouring obnoxious substances from the "cleaning department" of the store over everything. Trying to poison me like they poison the rats eh? And it's not even illegal.
    Then there was the large bag of white onions, .. so I made and canned 10, 3/4 quarts of French Onion Soup. Yum, yum.
    This "abundance" is going to dry up Granny, .. so I'm making hay while the sun shines.
    But can you imagine? The perfectly good "for profit" food that is thrown out because it's no longer deemed "profitable?
    What sick perverted people to do such things.
    Oops! Too harsh I know, ..
    Have a great one.

  4. Avatar
    Bored Momma says:

    Very nice video, for those in a state of panic over this Corona Virus and being stuck at home, your video take the scary out of getting prepared. Hopefully this National crisis will be the inspiration for others to think of emergency planning. I am really enjoying your channel.

  5. Avatar
    donmetz11 says:

    ❤️ Thank you for your excellent advice! On PAPER PLATES: All you really need is the largest box of plastic wrap you can afford (Costco). Spread the plastic on regular plates, and when finished, toss the plastic. Maybe if you need to, you might try it on spoons also. 💕😊👍💐

  6. Avatar
    Jonny boy says:

    FEMA says have a 3day supply for the time it will take them to save you from a disaster.
    This is a disaster like hurricanes where it affects 1 area and emergency crews from around the country show up to help. A pandemic that affects the whole country is just not what FEMA is equipped to handle. So yes 2 weeks of supplies is a bare minimum.

  7. Avatar
    Jeanette West says:

    All of this is such good advice. The best bet is NOT PANIC!! When you do go to the store, always have a list so you don't get things that you might want, but don't really need right now, and buy a little extra. It adds up over time. I live out near the coast in Southwestern Alaska, where what people in the Lower 48 would sneeringly call "prepping", is just a matter of fact; you have to have a little of everything just in case. So when this is all over, just buy a little extra: a couple cans of veggies here, next paycheck a couple cans of that, and add some extra non-food stuff. You don't have to throw down $200 all the time.

    Alaska Granny keep spreading the good word.

  8. Avatar
    Snowflake says:

    Good video Granny. After 911 I put together bug out bags for my entire family and most of them put the bags in their car trunks and never gave them a thought except to move them to their next car. Well all these years later, I am getting calls thanking me for N95 masks, disinfectant and toilet paper. LOL!

  9. Avatar
    william maurer says:

    Everyone should know this stuff. Thx for laying out the basics. FEMA says 3 days, I say 2 weeks minimum and probably have 6 months of food in storage. I've been snowed in without power for over a week in the New England. Been thru a hurricane that stopped normal life for over a week too.
    Don't know whether you mentioned it. When the power is down credit card machines & gas pumps don't work. So I keep two 5 gal containers of gasoline stored in my shed and some cash on hand. I try to never let my car go less than 1/2 full, unless I'm on a long trip. I'm blind without my glasses so I also make sure I have a back up pair, one pair dedicated to my car and one with my emergency supplies.
    You do a great job and you keep it simple. Keep up the good work.


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