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  1. Avatar
    Val Willman says:

    Sorry to be a "partypooper", but this old gal is too poor to own ANYTHING gold! I'm on a fixed income and trying to do the best I can with myself, my cat, and my quaker parrot!!

  2. Avatar
    Shawn McCrary says:

    Sorry but I’m not agreeing. Especially buying Gold now at the price. How many of you have $1,700 to buy ONE OUNCE of Gold ? It’s not going much higher so to me buying any especially now isn’t wise. Food will be far more precious of a commodity than Gold or Silver.

  3. Avatar
    Kaylynn Strain says:

    I am glad i bought the few gold coins I own when I did, and hope to get a few more in the future. some of my gold is also in the form of jewelry which was gifted to me by relatives and a friend. some of my silver is also in the form of jewelry and utensils. I consider these as part of my wealth holding in addition to the coins

  4. Avatar
    Pat M says:

    I agree everyone should have some precious metals. I have been buying from S&D Bullion for a while. For now I have only got silver. Someday I hope to start getting gold.

  5. Avatar
    Pat M says:

    I agree everyone should have some precious metals. I have been buying from S&D Bullion for a while. For now I have only got silver. Someday I hope to start getting gold.

  6. Avatar
    J T says:

    Hi AP and everyone. Love my PMs. Was going to pick up more gold when our governor shut down non-essential businesses. By the time I get the go the prices will be way up! 😟 Didn't want to buy online because I only buy gold that isn't traceable. Our government has confiscated gold before and would do it again. Blessings all. Stay safe and have a great week.

  7. Avatar
    J T says:

    My credit union's Digital Banking finally came up. My stimulus check is pending, to be posted on the 15th. Funny thing, the IRS dropped mine & the spouses into MY account! Ha, ha, ha. Should I keep it a secret for a while?? Just kidding. 😄 Time to go buy some Gold!

  8. Avatar
    Tika California says:

    This is great information. Thank you, AP, but I worry about what this means for trade/purchase/barter. What I learned in Eastern Europe is that even if you have a valuable asset like gold, if you can't exchange it, it's a problem. Let's think for a moment about my experience at a green grocer during Perestroika. The Eastern Europeans loved Dollars, Yen, Pounds, Lira etc, and I went out for some basic vegetables. I only had a $5.00 bill on me, and my choices totaled far less. The grocer could not make change because they did not have enough cash. I told them not to worry about it, that they could have the whole five for what I bought, since in America, what I bought would certainly be more than $5.00. They wouldn't hear of it, and loaded up my little drag-along trolley with what they considered to be $5.00 of local vegetables. I learned early-on that arguing through a language barrier is a lesson in futility, so I simply thanked them, and dragged this heavy trolley back to the apartment building where I lived. I had developed a very good relationship with the building superintendent and I took the trolley to his apartment and told him the I wished he would distribute these vegetables. I don't know how many of my neighbors went to bed full of potatoes, cabbages, onions, turnips, beets etc that the green grocer had loaded into my trolley because they were too proud to just simply "keep the change."

    I think that the coming economic situation will be very similar to Perestroika. I am listening to people complaining about the empty shelves and yet this morning, I took advantage of "senior" hour and went to the store. I used my mask and my Lysol wipes, and found that there were indeed empty spots and empty shelves, no bathroom tissue or paper towels, but there was certainly enough to feed me and mine for days very cheaply and the produce area was fully stocked with fresh stuff. What is necessary here is for Americans to learn what Eastern Europeans already know. You don't start with a menu and look for ingredients, you start with ingredients and develop a menu. We are so abundantly resourced here! If there's not Hellman's mayonnaise, there is the store brand. I did find that there were no beans to speak of, but there was rice, and even that was on sale. I might not have been able to find the ingredients for "red beans and rice" but there was certainly enough resources for "chicken fried rice." The ability to adapt and overcome these "inconveniences" is actually entertaining to me who lived on the economy during Perestroika.

    Another thing that I will put out there if it helps anyone in the community. I know how to sew. That said, I took old flannel and tore it into 10 X 10" squares, (and if it's not exactly 10" by 10" no matter.) I use them as possible cloths. (I hope you know the old joke about the teacher who sent a little girl home to bathe because she stank so badly. She came back stinking just as badly, so the teacher sent her home again. She came back and she still stank. The teacher took her aside and asked her what she had done. She said, "Well the first time, I washed down as far as possible and the second time, I washed up as far as possible." The teacher told her to go home and "Wash possible." So with that joke in mind, I use these cloths for drying off after urination. I use the bathroom tissue I have for defecation, but I also use a Poor Man's Bidet to reduce the use of bathroom tissue. Take a 22 oz dishwashing liquid bottle or other bottle that will squirt, and after having cleaned it thoroughly, use it to wash off the affected area. It reduces the use of bathroom tissue significantly, and if you are totally out of it, it will reduce the presence of yuck on the possible cloths that you're going to throw in the washer with chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide bleach. I sincerely hope that this helps someone. BTW, it's not necessary to hem the flannel. After a few washings, it will not fray further but if you wish, simply zig-zagging the edges will be enough. Thank you for all your work, AP. Have a great day..sin

    Thank youly hope that this helps someone.

  9. Avatar
    joe cohen says:

    I have "junk" silver, old silver dollars, dimes and quarters , heavily circulated no special dates etc, less than 60 dollars face value. On March 18th or 19 I cant remember, over the phone I was offered 85 cents per mercury dime , at the time, it was about 15% less than the melt price. He told me he had high demand so he would take all I had. I have paper money, so I held on to them. I might get a better deal if it became barter time. All coin dealers/Diamond exchange is closed here,they do/did answer the phones.

  10. Avatar
    Chuck Howard says:

    Precious metals is not the best investment but here he is talking about wealth preservation not investing.
    Even though I never treat metals as an investment, I do own some myself.
    You never know all the things that can happen in the future and what people may prefer to trade.
    As AP has said, Make sure all your preps are covered including food and tools to also use in trade.


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