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  1. Avatar
    _Endless_ Road_ says:

    David I am a long time subscriber and I love your channel. But you are taking the marketing to another level. Patriot Gold Group, Patriot Food Supply, Merchandise. Nothing wrong with making a buck but your morphing from a YouTube Channel to an infomercial.

  2. Avatar
    Elizabeth Jones says:

    The media is still working overtime on Global Warming. We never heard about the snow in Tassie, but we DID have lots of news reports on the 40 degrees there a few days ago. I was able to find ONE small article on the snow and cold snap in Hobart. And i live in Australia!

  3. Avatar
    Amauri Costa says:

    Carnaval :
    Mardi Gras

    Carnaval no Rio de Janeiro
    Carnaval em Recife, Salgador, São Paulo – Trindade e Tobago
    * Risco de contaminação com o Corona-Vírus novo !
    Abraço, irmãos.

  4. Avatar
    John Sinclair says:

    But you can "print food". Some guy did it 2,000 years ago not to save a planet but to feed a few thousand on a hill for a brief chat he was giving that day. Maybe he knew this. Remember in Physics if you reverse all of the parameters you often get very similar results. Google Shell Boffin Sinclair …. the crackpot or genius one … and on the bodgeit site one of the documents has a pdf sketch that, based on the sigma3 renewables theory document , describes how to copy anything. You could do the same on a hillside 2,000 years ago with a correctly shaped soot blackened pot set vertically in a babbling brook with a blue sky above. The Chinese and every western government already know this, the site has been up over 10 years, so long in fat that many links no longer work. They needn't starve. The same technology can break bonds of individual virus particles within a body as easily as copy them. If people starve or die anywhere on the planet, …….. it is because their governments want them to starve and die. The people's blood will be on their hands not mine.

  5. Avatar
    h h says:

    yeh for IT is mostly HARDWARE.. CPU COMPUTER MONITORS… nothing important like businesses running, NO SERVER ARE GOING DOWN.. DATACENTERS will be just fine :D… so mostly upgrading hardware will be effected.

  6. Avatar
    Birdsof afeather says:

    Makes my day seeing a notification of a new Adapt2030 video. ❤ Please, please, please…..yup I'm begging 😂, call up Kevin Long, for a video update of Australian long term weather outlook this year!
    Great to see you safe n sound back in the U.S. 👍

  7. Avatar
    echo7787echo says:

    Be aware and be prepared. Antibiotics are already in short supply and harder to get. Pay attention to holes in shelves when you go to not just grocery stores but stores in general. Too many people across multiple generations have been trained to be lazy and 'entitled'.

  8. Avatar
    OldSouth Homestead says:

    True leaf market beat our seed wholesalers price per pound on our tomato seeds, I remembered you talking about them so I went back and used your link. So I saved 20 bucks and you made some. Next time you mention them don't stress the sprouts so much I had no idea that they have awesome by the pound prices on most of the popular gardening varieties.

  9. Avatar
    John Pruett says:

    MUST WATCH. Channel Many Fish- white horse rider.
    Also channels Paul Cottrell, Peak Prosperity, Koreana Jones, Lisa Haven, Andology, Jeremiah Babe, Laowhy86, Wion, Channel 4 news, Patriot Nurse, Ice Age Farmer.

  10. Avatar
    DOG68 North says:

    Interesting observation: I monitor solar activity and earthquakes in the Intermountain West region (on U of U's website) daily and yesterday, 34 earthquakes were reported for the IMW region at the same time (when I looked up the data) solar activity/space weather had the Interplanetary Magnetic Field at 1.27, Proton Density at 4.41, Solar Wind at 358.20, phi at 156.65, both TCI and TSI low, no Sun Spots, Comic Ray's almost at record highs (as observed), and Kp of 0. This was the first time I have seen this amount of activity at these extremes. I have not looked into what is being reported for the rest of the world, yet. Your thoughts?

  11. Avatar
    Patrick Fewell says:

    I can predict the future. This is NOT just a solar minimum. There is a far worse thing happening they know about.

    Last half 2021, the meteors start with at least 1 hit. 2022 to 2024 is the worst of it. This has the potential to wipe out humanity of we were not ready and has no help. We are ready and do have help. Even at that all told over a billion dead worldwide.

    Stay in the US and countries with plenty resources to defend. US is well protected.We will get through it safely here. Not all countries will be as lucky.

    The food will be more scarce, but it will hold. We will make it though. This is not a joke and not a larp. You will see this. When you see this know that we are safe. Do not panic and do rash things. Yes it would be the end without preparation, but we have this. Safety for the U.S. Is assured. No such guarantees everywhere, but US is fine. Shaken not crushed.

  12. Avatar
    ᗷᖇEᗩK OᑌT ᖴᖇOᗰ TᕼE ᑭᖇIᔕOᑎ ᑭᒪᗩᑎET says:

    I've been prepping Worthington Loma Linda vegetarian mock meats for years and have been watching the prices already begin to soar on Amazon. Trying to buy as many cans of Vegetable Skallops at $12.95 before they jump to $23.11 or higher. FriChik, also $12.95 locally, has gone from that price last year to around $14 a few weeks ago. FriChik is right now at $19.44 per can. I'm also waiting to see coffee prices go bananas.

  13. Avatar
    Maureen Abais says:

    Yes there was snow in Tasmania in summer & they are losing there kelp farms due to ocean warming
    Go figga?
    I still cant over the fake moon ive been watching in south Australia. Our seasons have changed our, skies are polluted &, I cry for the people of China

  14. Avatar
    Edward Carberry says:

    For this CoronaVirus ( has a new name) I have been watching Frank Vaughan ,Clif High, Max Igan.Not sounding good so far? Nope! The union made me Broke! Better to STOP the Geoengineering Weather Modification going on over the world! With 53 Drpper Radars around there land! You only need about 12 to cover the coast! Learn to think for your self.


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