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  1. Avatar
    tangobayus says:

    Came in by air travel, spreading by air travel. The flu outbreak is created every year by giving live-virus vaccines to people who fly around unwittingly infecting others.

  2. Avatar
    Carol Wasson says:

    My concern is I have to fly to a client for work. I can’t decline going. I will take all precautions but I’m pretty stressed about being exposed to all the germs at the airport, the airplane, the hotel and being in a new city.

  3. Avatar
    dianne11ca says:

    Thank you, Brad. Speaking of home treatments for the flu, colds and bacterial infections, I have been making my Tonic since early 2002. I have not gone without it since, and when batch is getting low, I make more. The longer it sits, the mellower it gets. Your body will start to crave it's daily dose (2 tbsp in the morning and 2 tbsp at night). I just cured myself of a nasty chest cold AND a nasty bladder infection over the weekend by taking about 1/2 cup 4-5 times a day. This is the first time I have had to use it for an infection, and I am thrilled to announce it works like charm. This immune-booster should be in everyone's house. It is easy to make, and you can always chase it with a drink of milk or juice until you get used to the taste. Hey, it's medicine and it's not supposed to taste good, so bear with it and build your immune system. If I had taken it every day, or even every other day, I would never have gotten sick in the first place. Good lesson for me, even after all these years. The Recipe is as follows:


    Horseradish Root – peeled and chopped
    Ginger Root – peeled and chopped
    Onion (the hotter the better) – peeled and chopped
    Garlic Cloves – peeled
    Jalapeno Peppers – stem removed, USE the seeds. All goodness is in the seeds.
    Lemons, Unpeeled, chopped or sliced
    Pure Apple Cider Vinegar

    In blender toss in handful of each ingredient (except lemons) and cover with apple cider vinegar and blend well. Pour into food-grade plastic bucket or other container. Do NOT use metal or metal lids as the rust will eventually ruin your Tonic. Repeat until all ingredients are blended and in bucket. Toss in the Lemons, sliced or chopped. Put on air tight lid and store in cool area. You may use it right away, but it gets much easier to take the longer it sits.

    I really hope some folks try this and discover what I did so many years ago. This stuff will cure what ails you, or prevent it from happening at all if you take it regularly.

  4. Avatar
    jspla says:

    What if this pesky virus that everyone seems to have had since ThanksGiving was to " soften up" for this Corona crap. Lower immune systems, then Bang….double whammy

  5. Avatar
    Chris Heng says:

    Bro, please look at the statistics… one in Japan has been cured!! So, this tells us that it's much more the issue of China's poor management…
    IT IS NOT a major out-break…
    But it is good to 'test' your US System…

    Yes, while you don't want it to spread, there is not reason to panic!!

  6. Avatar
    Kathy Paaaina says:

    Aloha Blessing to your family I UNDERSTAND prepared not scared
    I do understand completley , It was under Dave about China talking about taking out the US citizen virus that targets races Hodges 01/23/20 he should have links this was in July, I Like your reporting and caring oh another channel talked about a herb product from Walgreen aswa no not Gandalf but similar or something I'll look it up and edit, my Cross over was totalled Christmas eve concussion here tried sore but prepared ty Aloha

  7. Avatar
    Flowers Surveying says:

    The Olympics will be in Tokyo this summer.  There is already a case reported near Tokyo, I wonder what the virus will be like by the time the Olympics start.  10s of thousands of people from around the world will be traveling to that city and then going back home.

  8. Avatar
    Tammy Wesley says:

    If I feel like I’m coming down with something I take: elderberry, echinacea, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano. I put these essential oils in the humidifier: thieve’s, lavendar, hyssop, eucalyptus, and peppermint. I try to always use garlic, oregano and dill in my cooking. Rarely get any sicker or even sick.

  9. Avatar
    Ras Kalév Valiante Elyon says:

    Pestilence. Only the Holy Spirit can protect you. Flee the cities that you not be a partaker! ⚡🔥Revelation 18:4 "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

  10. Avatar
    Paulo Domonic Aquillo says:

    Everyone thinks it's all in China. I don't know how many masks I need but I have 200 P2 Carbon with valves, 100 pairs of nitrile gloves and 10 disposable contamination suits. I thought that would be enough but I no longer think so

  11. Avatar
    Libra7 Seven says:

    Immunity defenses.. for my children I give elderberry syrup everyday along with multivitamins and vitamins C. We all also take Black Seed Oil 1000 mg twice a day it’s great for building the immune system as well as many other benefits.

  12. Avatar
    Mick Dodge says:

    Watch the spread & statistics grow by the hour. Now one confirm case in Seattle, one possible case in LA, and one individual in quarantine in Texas. It's out of control already. Stock up steramine. Facemask now throughout the world are struggling to keep up with production due to global need. Do your own research & become your own self advocate for you & your families survival.

  13. Avatar
    Mick Dodge says:

    Brad something's really weird going on. With notifications, due to this topic. I didn't get a notification for this video till today & CP's video on the same topic, video was posted about 9 hours ago & I just got the notification.


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