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Red Flag laws being proposed in Missouri. What is going on? What you need to know to secure your right and a call to action. Missouri Legislators lookup …
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31 replies
  1. Avatar
    American Patriot says:

    I called already and they took the message but, I have no idea if they actually told my representative since the guy in the office was kinda pompous about it. I also, said they should get behind the 2nd Amendment Preservation bill proposed by senator Eric Burleson. Hopefully, they get it passed. Thanks for the video, I appreciate what you do.

  2. Avatar
    Larry Conner says:

    I live in Bella Vista Arkansas, just across the border from Missouri. (about a mile from MO). We have a corrupt city government here that keeps raising taxes and disregards the will of the people who live here. I tried to contact my representative, Steve Womack, here about an issue. I tried his email address, didn't work. It was down. Tried to call, could not get it touch with him but was referred to his assistant. Not available. Sent her an email, 3 times, never responded. Called his local office in Rogers, AR, got nowhere! I can tell you that at least here once they get elected, they don't give a damn about the people they are supposed to be representing! I was born and raised in Missouri. My 90 year old father still lives there in my home town. I still visit him each week for a few days so I'm really concerned about this. He actually had Mike Parsons come to his house when he was campaigning for the senate. Said he seemed pretty nice. But now, as governor, since they removed the former governor that was a lier, who knows? Will he stand with the people or let the winds of politics blow him around.
    You know as well as I do that the liberals /democrats will keep after this till they get it past unless we, the people March in strength on the capital in Jeff City. If that happens, I'll probably be among them.

  3. Avatar
    pioneer survivor says:

    Join the Missouri Firearms coalition. I belong and they notified me today about this red flag proposal and the traitor proposing it. They also make it very easy to contact your state and federal reps

  4. Avatar
    JIM JOHNSON says:

    look up (MOFIRST.ORG) and fill out the form for senate bill SB-588 the bill is called the SECOND AMENDMENT PRESERVATION ACT and go to Missouri firearms coalition and send in pre- printed messages, you do not have to join but it would help. just go to action page and send in form.

  5. Avatar
    Camp Hard says:

    It doesn’t matter how many letters, emails, or phone calls you shoot at the government, the government doesn’t care what you want, they care about money and power, and they’ve got your tax dollars whether you support what they vote for or not.

  6. Avatar
    Adam Marsden says:

    Virginia is the model!!!! The example. Example of precisely what they will do in every state in this country. One by one. Bloomberg….jamilah and every other nutjob like em.this is war. A war we as americans are loosing. Virginia is their first victory.and sadly wev just givin it to them on a platter!!! Handed america rt over too em like complacent zombies. We needa stand up and fight. With bullets.

  7. Avatar
    John Brennan says:

    I wonder about those emails/letters/phone calls. What keeps them from just deleting all junk emails/phone calls and shredding the letters once a month while laughing and calling us suckers. Also what up with the inside videos? How am I supposed to know what the weather is in Mo?

  8. Avatar
    Charles Ross says:

    Shows you that they coexisted in this country with us, but they never shared the wisdom of the founders, the founders ideals. The meaning of the country. Even forsaking simple common sense. Time for a permanent divorce. Cut them off. Cut off their funding. Send them to jail for treason, for forsaking their oath. They swore an oath, and they failed. They failed the test. No more chances. End of the coexistence. Never, ever let them serve publicly again.

    Treason involves treachery. Plotting, scheming and hating that which is good, just, right. Time for that permanent divorce. There can be no reconciliation. They have been given time to come over, but not enough did. So very sad. They have been given more than ample opportunity. Allowing killing of A full term baby is the end of that road. That's murder plain and simple. Of the innocent. A house divided cannot stand, so we will just go live in our own house. By ourselves and with like minded individuals.

  9. Avatar
    Sustainable Stewards says:

    Shall Not be Infringed Brother!
    Here in WI crazy Evers wanted to try this. Our Conservative House denied it to even be braught fourth for discussion.
    We need to Mark these Tyrant Pigs and Vote them Out.
    This MO Tyrant sound like a Islamic Convert.

  10. Avatar
    Hotrod Rebel says:

    Even Big Daddy Don said take the guns first and Due Process later… so it ain't just the democrats! Where's he at now… at a pep rally! People need to wake up to what's "really" going on! They're just playing "good cop bad cop" while everything keeps moving forward!

  11. Avatar
    Dawn Wells says:

    Her name sounds MUSLIM. Vote the traitor out. She is an ENEMY to the United States if she won’t stand for the flag or pledge of allegiance. Her name says it all. Get rid of her !!!!!!!

  12. Avatar
    William Lewis says:

    Greetings from Missouri.
    Hay travis there is a movement in Mississippi against the red flag laws. It house bill hb753 along with 8 other states look to lock out Bloomberg and his cronies and the feds. Need to listen to this on guns and gadgets you tube. We need to contact all our representatives and be part of the movement!

  13. Avatar
    AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER says:

    Go to TRUTH MONEY and FREEDOM PODCAST. This bill has zero support and will die quickly. This is a pet proposal every year for her and she is laughed at by her peers. Do support however the Missouri 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, or HB-1637 and SB-588. Go to and fill out the witness form officially supporting this bill. It is extremely important that we get the witness forms signed. Also call and email your Missouri house and Senate and tell them to vote Yes on the Missouri 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. It outlaws federal firearms laws in the state of Missouri, essentially being rid of the NFA altogether.


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