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This is the no mylar and o2 absorbers technique. Its a theory, seems to work for what I store.
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    USNERDOC says:

    Excellent info and great advice. Having more than one method to do the same thing is good. Thanks for sharing your prepping plans . . . more folks need to start getting into food storage!

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    CaptSyn says:

    Interesting method. I use mylar liners with homer buckets and oxygen absorbers. A little more expensive than your method, but then I've got the permanent storage space for longer term storage.

    I use the liners to prevent any problems from the orange dye used in the homer buckets, even though they are HDPE plastic. Light infiltration isn't a problem since I store them in a dark closet.

  3. Avatar
    bxxj says:

    @swansongusa oxygen is an oxidizer (duh 🙂 ) it combines with other chemicals and alters their chemistry. your body does the same when it burns food (breath in o2 out c02). that is why food energy is measured in calories i.e. how much heat it produces when burned. c02 is "burned" oxygen. it "locks up" the oxygen so it can't react as well to the food and spoil it. c02 will still react but very much slower. so the short answer is no it doesn't make things worse.

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    AnnBearForFreedom says:

    Storing food is like stopping the clock, or at least really slowing it down. But once you open stored food and expose it to oxygen and light, you start the clock again. So, for example, if a food is "good for" a year, once you re-expose it to to oxygen and light by taking it out of its long term bucket , you are starting the clock again, so it would "be good for" however long dry rice is good for Why is way longer than you think, if its kept cool and dry and dark.

  5. Avatar
    Calchick7 says:

    I started out using those oxygen absorbers, but heck, once you open them, you have to either use right then, or try to save the rest in a canning jar. I decided to invest in a seal-a-meal and this gets all the air out, then I plan to put all into mylar and seal those too with iron. The foodsavers, seal-a-meals can eliminate those oxygen absorbers! Like your garbage bag idea!

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    Ed Vodochodsky says:

    For those whom do not know,….. SAM's Club & Wal-Mart are charging for thier 'empty-buckets' now! Wal-Mart is charging $1 for small, $2 for large,…… SAM's Club is $2 regardless of size. I guess everyone's trying to make the buck off of prepping!

  7. Avatar
    Peter8aus8Berlin says:

    I got rid of the freezer when I went off electricity grid. But I just learned that one can use a CO2-fire-extinguisher to squirt the CO2 into the bucket.
    Another idea: If you can seal the pantry rather hermetically: What would happen if you put a burning candle/oil lamp (elevated position) into it???


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