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47 replies
  1. Avatar
    Kamalakrsna Devi says:

    remember "WholeEarth" catalog ? They sold a water pump that was quite small & worked in the river/stream w/much less 'flow-rate' than this river. It had a paddle wheel & raised then dropped a piston (made a 'clank' sound every few seconds). it could send spurts of water thru a hose/tube up the hillside…about 30' higher than the river level…into a reservoir – for irrigation any time later. The thing just goes & goes 24/7 – the sound was not too much to bear & could be muffled somehow.

  2. Avatar
    Jacob Brod says:

    not a bad idea but I imagine it would probably be easier to use a turbine straight into the water. You'll have more power that way because you wont have to fight gravity up the hill.

  3. Avatar
    greathodgy22 says:


    That's a good looking pump but I have need of a bit more lifting power.

    I have a good flow stream with from 2 ft to 6 ft depth. I have to pump the water up a vertical hight of 500 ft.

    Any suggestions for a river powered pump to do that ?


  4. Avatar
    shay dishman says:

    it seems like if you had the impeller in the back the blue 'torpedo' would help deflect any branches or debris that may stop it..  and the water would run around the torpedo without any hinderance(or with out very much)…  just an observational opinion… nice video!

  5. Avatar
    hred1 says:

    Hi Thank you for all your excellent vid's. I particularly like the river pump but as I live in the UK the cost of shipping from the US is prohibitive.  I have thought of a variation on this design that I would like to try but am stuck sourcing a swivel coupling.  Any suggestions?? H 

  6. Avatar
    Robert Cowan says:

    I'm confused.  1 GPM is enough to water a couple of petunias.  It's a cool idea if you have a river to run it in, which no one West of the Rockies does, but the volume of water that it moves is not sufficient for much at all.

  7. Avatar
    Lightlyblazin says:

    This is an active environment. It looks like a log or debris could easily take it out. Maybe some type of water guiding / debris blocking  cage. You could dam up the head with a 10" pipe at the bottom to project the water faster straighter.  looks like fun

  8. Avatar
    Diego Cassels says:

    You should see the water pump made from a "Golpe de Ariete", ram pump, its a pump that works wonderfull in the conditios of this type of streams.  Look it up in youtube… 😉

  9. Avatar
    James Germiquet says:

    Why not make it a solid pump near the shore, redirect water to it and put a large mesh like strainer to redirect objects like branches away from the pump. Why no even put a generator with it to create electricity as well?

  10. Avatar
    Steve W says:

    Adding a pelton wheel with small sealed generator would make enough electricity to power a small pump to help move that water uphill. …..speaking about that, did this setup have enough head to get the water to the top of the hill?

  11. Avatar
    Mitch Fuller says:

    I pump water from my creek up the hill to my house and the pressure is good. But today, I tried to run a water hose from my house spigot about 400 feet down to my garden, I heard the water turn on but it never made it to the garden? Then I took the hose off the spigot and there was no water coming out at all?? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

  12. Avatar
    Cat W says:

    "Pump abuse!" Lol. So, is this thing on legs so that the blades can spin? Is it moving simply from the energy of the water or is there some form of power to it? Does it hurt fish or wildlife? Thx for sharing!


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