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46 replies
  1. Avatar
    terryjensen72 says:

    I hope you all have watched the 3 part series on the Utube OAN, one America news network channel, hidden under playlists. where OAN goes over Rudy’s evidence and meets I think 5 Ukraine witnesses. It’s now also on Rudy’s Utube channel under playlists. I was so ticked off after I spent 3 hours watching the series that it wasn’t out for everyone to see. I copy and pasted the videos in so many different places, even in the comments of FB posts from Trump. So glad the evidence is finally being looked at and hope the crooks serve time. Poor goofy Roger Stone 😢 7-9 years for a lie while the wicked witch Hillary walks for real crimes, Comey ect ect

  2. Avatar
    fawn999 says:

    I heard that congress was still going to go after president Trump to try to reverse the impeachment and try again to impeach ..the only way these demons are going to stop….is if they are all arrested!!!!! otherwise they won't..also they are trying to pass legistation on the GI Bill to give everyone a chance to use the GI Bill even if they never served in the armed forces!!! we all know it will be for illagall criminals in this country!!!! these demons need to b stopped!!!!!! Rudy is great .but they also need to get these criminals like nobummer..killary Soros .and all of Congress! no nads shitts ECT ECT!!!!! the longer they are walking the more damage they are to our country !!!!!!

  3. Avatar
    Stigmata Speaking says:

    The first time I heard of diamond and silk. They talk to me on Fakebook. They were cool as hell supporting TRUMP. Then the next day after work. I saw them on the news. They were on stage with PRESIDENT TRUMP. I never spoke to them again but they went to the top.
    Shout out to debbie ha

  4. Avatar
    Douglas Tong says:

    Regarding Romney, is he proof that the RINOs, including NO NAME, really wanted BHO to win to help establish their global utopia? His behavior now and his son's involvement in Ukraine corruption shows he prefers THEIR way of doing things.

  5. Avatar
    Marchon says:

    This is incredible. One of the most discouraging aspects of the whole effort to hurt our POTUS is that no one seems to be held accountable. At least, not his this supporters' satisfaction. However, if one vocally supports him and his agenda, we get demonized. It's awful. These people have connections (the swamp) in ways that do not play out in public. It seems like the corruption transcends politics and all these shenanigans occur behind the scenes. I don't blame POTUS for having a personal attorney and who better than another fighter like Mr. Giuliani.
    It's early here in NM. We got 9in. of fresh snow fall and the skiers up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are loving it.
    Stay warm Ms. Deb. and thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Avatar
    Med Tech Natural's says:

    As an American, I want to hear about the crimes against the American people from the obama Clinton 2016 years!

    Why is NOBODY at FOX talking about Seth Rich???
    along with Andrew Wiseman Comey, Rosenstine, Holder, Rice, Lynch, B. Rhodes, WTF??
    Why can’t you give Americans what we want?

  7. Avatar
    Floyd Yorgason says:

    Unfortunately the recall in the legislature of Utah did not make it out of committee. I still would like to collect signatures for a recall vote! Mittens is such an embarrassment for Utah's. Don't believe the new poll supporting Mitt. Deep state is everywhere.

  8. Avatar
    mungkeygp says:

    Note 3 regarding process of intake of information.

    I noticed the 'date last updated' was October 2018 (durring Jeff Sessions tenure as AG).

    Interesting timing. October / November 2018 is around the time Rudy G started digging into the Ukraine.

    Seems to me that the AG had his ducks in a row and new a special process needed to be in place well before Rudy G started turning over documents to the DOJ.

    Trust the plan, Trust Sessions 😎🇺🇸

  9. Avatar
    Frank Licary says:

    A liberal, a moderate, and a Republican walked into a bar. The bartender said, “Hi, Mitt. “ The GOP ran RINO Romney against Hussein in 2012 and gave Hussein the “election “.

  10. Avatar
    Korgrog Grogo says:

    Do You See It, Creepy is not worried, the Con is in, the table is rigged ,It is not about Fair ,,it is about Fixed 2016..Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania,,that is why H never went to those states they were already rigged for her ,why waste your time going to a state that is
    rigged for you,,that was the shock the Ms M was in on it ,Slick did the cover story afterwards that she should have gone to those states ..H was so bad that she lost a rigged election ,that's why the Ms M freaked out they new it was rigged and she lost ,,
    I am sure this is part of the cover up even beyond the Russia /Ukraine Hoax It is not what is the Plan but What is the Scam ,,,and the next hoax is on the way, can we stop playing Dem-games

  11. Avatar
    Korgrog Grogo says:

    Creepy is the teleprompter puppet drone the cabal NWO want,,,Millions will die, will be rolled over like he did in 2016 ,, according to my buddy Leroy,,I still anit voten for no old wrinkly White,,Woman ,,the billionaire is the threesome the Dem's and wall street will have some fun with ,,and buttiggegg is just the but boy

  12. Avatar
    Julio Quancy says:

    I saw a recent Q drop that said there would be no "step 5". I believe this is referring to another impeachment attempt. Steps 1-4 were the 4 other devious attempts to get Trump; dirty dossier, FISA abuse, Mueller, and 1st impeachment. Saying there will be no step 5 may be a sign that something big is about to happen from the Trump team, perhaps inditements and arrests. We can only hope.

  13. Avatar
    C. Bray says:

    Holy whammy Deb girl! Really love to hear you laugh! Remember what 17 said about Romney? Giuliani's common sense is very enjoyable. Don't think I commented on yesterday's video cause I was hot to see the one they were gonna yank. Oh sister, you were surely right too. It was well worth the 3 hr investment! I already knew most of it but she had way more detail! There's still so many sleeping normies! It would help so much if we could just say "here, watch this". I would just like to shake them! I know about bread crumbing but they all live so far away. Take care

  14. Avatar
    Deneze .C. Lujanen says:

    nadler do nothing dem is freaking cause nadler has some crimes in his closet,like pelosi and her son[ukraine money launderin] and schiff has many crimes in his closet also..and they dont want guiliani to poke around and since he has,they are affraid their names will pop up in ukraine probe

  15. Avatar
    Deneze .C. Lujanen says:

    nadler has alot to loose i guess thats why hes freaking out, hes a criminal corrupted demonrat..i hope these idiot dems get arrested…some dems need a good the more executions warrants that Trump signs, the cleaner America will be

  16. Avatar
    Elizabeth G says:

    That is okay, Nadler is going to look like a real dufus when Barr appears before them in a few days. You know how Barr dealt with them the last time, so it will be fun to watch this next encounter.

  17. Avatar
    Elizabeth G says:

    That Washington DC state bill will NOT pass the Senate, and when the Republicans get the house back, there will be a lot of good bills passed, and the impeachment rescinded permanently.

  18. Avatar
    Elizabeth G says:

    Deb, that is old news about the Pence aid.. Remember the Stzrok/Page texts where they were talking about using that one person's husband… etc. Well that is the same incident.

  19. Avatar
    levon synclr says:

    The seed money for Mitt's hedge fund operation came largely from an investor named…wait for it…Robert Maxwell. You got it!!! The father of our girl Gislane Maxwell, what a co-inky-dink. Yup, so old Mitt has some hard days ahead, also don't forget the Utah congress passed a recall bill enabling them to recall any Utah Governor under certain circumstances. The rule of thumb seems to be…you mess with our wonderful POTUS the blowback always takes you down.😊😂


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