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26 replies
  1. Avatar
    MrBillTroop73 says:

    Ok Sootch, yer scaring me here. With that silver goatee, and all that talk about theater and culture, yeah, you're beginning to look like one of those high-falootin' academic elitists! LOL

    Just kidding Bro! Sounds like a beautiful place.

  2. Avatar
    southernprepper1 says:

    @000whiterabbit If it all ends when we are at the conference….I will interview and take home some well qualified preppers. More qualified hard working preppers will make my chance of survival that much higher 🙂

  3. Avatar
    tehsypher says:

    @sootch00 im going to try and make the conference but im not going to sign up until after i have my surgery on the 16th and see how things go i don't want to sign up and not be able to make it

  4. Avatar
    irishScott2 says:

    Unfortunately I have other commitments that take precedence over a multi-day road trip (coming from Delaware). Rest assured I'll be watching every video that comes out. 🙂

  5. Avatar
    basszack says:

    I am not one for city living but at least it looks clean. Most larger cities that I've been to are very dirty.I hope you guys have a GREAT time and have some vids for those of us that can't make it.

  6. Avatar
    jwgbmp40 says:

    kinda off the subject, cant figure how to pm you from my phone, can you give opinion or share experience with shooting wolf ammo in my new AR? really respect your opinions and reviews, thanks.

  7. Avatar
    bubbacrabb says:

    Sounds great what you're doing, wish I didnt live all the way in AZ or I'd find my way there, trying to transfer to Edgefield, SC though maybe I could make it next year. Just read a book and immediatly thought you might like it. Called One Second After. The book was awesome. Just fyi incase you're a reader. Takes place in one of the Carolina's. Take care, keep up the good work.


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