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    Traditional Food says:

    I really have to bite my tongue when some people mention what they're storing as part of their prepping. Suffice to say that anyone interested would learn a helluva lot from reading Swallow This by J Blythman.
    Food labels !

  2. Avatar
    Let's Talk About Prepping says:

    This is an incredibly important topic. Food counterfeiting is something that was extremely common in the western world up until the regulation era. Borax was almost universally used to "extend" the shelf life of milk, plaster of paris used as filler for flour, etc. Takes your eye off someone and theyll find the cheaper way to make it

  3. Avatar
    Diebulfrog79 says:

    My time overseas. I've seen fake rice(plastic), Fake Milk, fake Baby foods, fake meds. Be careful, over seas. Seen more Tourists died from fake booze. See Philippines. Good video, Reed.

  4. Avatar
    TBOR-101 says:

    Reed, you would be amazed at the food industry here in the good ole USA… I would do service calls on machinery in food companies for about 10 years.. the things they are allowed to repackage and thats with FDA inspectors overlooking the process… I would shake my head and go on with my business

  5. Avatar
    InMyImage says:

    Good to see you on your own channel again 👍

    Interesting topic, I didn't realize you could actually get a small canner for metal cans and it wouldn't have occurred to me to even consider it unless I had been taken a time or two.

    As for bartering for a jar of jelly and opening it up to find ground up fish guts… I'd probably find the person I got it from and make them eat the entire jar.

  6. Avatar
    Pennsylvania Prepper says:

    It's unbelievable and so disheartening what people do to one another, all for the almighty dollar. After the days I've had recently, I have become so disillusioned. I sometimes wonder why God hasn't just cleansed the planet to start over…again.

  7. Avatar
    J T says:

    Been wondering what you were up to. Hadn't seen you in a while. 😀 I have a Swing Away can opener that cuts through the side of the can. Perfect for #10 cans. The lid doesn't drop into the food. Love it. Interesting subject. Thanks, Reed. 😀

  8. Avatar
    sweet liberty says:

    Great topic. Something to look into. I can't imagine the let-down those people felt when trying to feed their family! Knowledge is a great tool to (sometimes) stay ahead of crooks and hunger. So sad.

  9. Avatar
    Liberty Garden says:

    Excellent topic. Reminds me of Slum Dog Millionaire. In Mexico, you have to be careful who you get your bottled water from. You could be paying for purified water and be getting water filtered through a sock. Ferfal mentioned that after the collapse in Argentina one of the first things that he noticed was packaging getting smaller — less product, more price. Watered down gasoline or stations that alter the meter to dispense less become a problem, too. The tortilla makers also may adjust the scale by a few grams.

    Repackaged fish guts sounds kind of yummy.

  10. Avatar
    Palmetto Prepared says:

    Good conversation to have. This reminds me of why Henry Heinz was so successful with his ketchup. He was the first to use glass to show the color of his product. Showing quality and people went nuts for it.

  11. Avatar
    mike gilbert says:

    Why are you acting like Steve did he infect you . Are you going to be ok , how long are you going to have this sickness 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. 👍🏻

  12. Avatar
    scot pict says:

    the fda and the government likes to pat themselves on the back for keeping our food safe. fact is the fda doesn't even inspect 10 percent of the food in this country. the threat of law suit is what keep our food safe. if you produce food that kills people you won't survive as a company for very long. i guess a litigious nation is a safe nation.


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