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  1. Avatar
    Johnny Half says:

    75% of the Shootings in Chicago are drug related.
    By some one who deals drugs or users them and has too Rob others too support their habbet or collect money owed by users and small time dealers. FACT ! No helmets needed on my side of town !

  2. Avatar
    Captain Trips says:

    The ports are mostly empty and they will be for months now regardless of how the virus plays out. If your livelihood depends on those parts, materials, or products you best be looking for an alternative means.

  3. Avatar
    Romin says:

    Got my nineties dutch helmet wich is basicly an U.S. WW2 model.
    You could use the inner part only.
    Or my Motorcycle and MTB helmets, after a cammo paintjob.

  4. Avatar
    William Devine says:

    Watching a channel I respect said the mask shortage is a beyond fixing. I think that a country that puts out probably hundreds of cars and trucks every 5 minutes can rise to that problem.

  5. Avatar
    James Stoney says:

    I agree, when I was in the 2nd Ranger Battalion (mid seventies to early eighties), we only wore our steel pot helmets during parachute ops, swapping out for boonie hats!
    Now I wear Ops-Core Fast helmet, but I need to check out that "new" one you mentioned.

  6. Avatar

    Yahshueye Bless you Brother Joe and your family and friends and critters amen! i just left a message with Bear warning him of humidity factors. Modern medicine (AMA approved) says high relative humidity helps fight against influenza (and similar), and real medicine (herbs and other plant based food) says the opposite. Know your wind patterns and destroy any idols you still might have (knowingly or unknowingly). This the Holy Father Commands! Yahshueye Bless all the Holy Ones Amen!

  7. Avatar
    Partisan Black says:

    Really?… Chicago?… Is that every racist's favorite go-to excuse? Mass shootings? Lets check the history the books and lets be honest with ourselves. When it comes to conflict that results in bloodshed, its primarily because of white dudes. The 20th century is littered with that over power, money & resources. At every chance of a possible war, each generation of white little dudes are eager to get a kill. Thats why signing up was so easy during the Iraq War. If North Korea, China or Iran is in the news, there is no shortage of "nuke em" comments. The threat of war with Russia has aways got a white dudes popping a boner. And who is always coming up with derogatory names for other people in conflict? White dudes. There has been more massacres perpetrated by white dudes against white people. Now in this time of advanced comms and tech, they are spreading that love of war globally. You think us non-white dudes aren't paying attention? We know white dudes better that white dudes know white dudes. And in an SHTF situation, non-white dudes are going to super hyper vigilant about white dudes based on how easily ballistic white dudes will get over simple jealousy (look up US massacres) because individually white dudes "can" be cool, but as a group, their moral compass is beyond broken, especially when times get hard.

    So no, "Chicago" is not a place to worry about, because the people you are referencing aren't bothering white areas. But Im pretty sure if SHTF hits the area, it will be a bunch of white dudes running TO Chicago to get away with murder (Hello Hurricane Katrina. We know about the white dudes going there to shoot people).

  8. Avatar
    Lotus Consultations says:

    Well, Joe. The panic buying has begun. As Missouri schools close early for Spring Break due to the Coronavirus, people go all out and empty the Arnold Walmart shelves of toilet paper. 120 bucks can feed you a serving a day of pasta for 365 days… but they spent it on toilet paper when a 2 dollar pair of dish gloves plus a 2 dollar Ajax 52oz jug of dish soap could have saved soooo much money on toilet paper.. not to mention STORAGE SPACE! OMG! Made a toilet paper solution video for newbie preppers and panic buyers who have had time to think.

  9. Avatar
    Vendredi le Majordome says:

    Tuesday March 10 2020 Greetings from Montréal, Québec, Canada !!! Hum…You talking about getting a helmet before something BAD happens , the 'Canadian Prepper' talking about the GOVERNMENTS (See the 'S'…meaning MANY GVMNTS) not saying much, but preparing for something serious to come soon, makes me start preparing gear and supplies (for EMERGENCY situations) in case it runs out and as you say, will cost a Zillion dollars to put our hands on Soooooo…BE PREPARED !!! Have a great week, Pastor !!! God Bless!!!

  10. Avatar
    keverc says:

    I have a K-pot ( Kevlar helmet) like the one I had in the Army. However in A SHTF situation you got much bigger problems than if you have a helmet or not!

  11. Avatar
    Kickstand 84 says:

    Hey this is kickstand ed4 if I can preparedness I made the ar500 helmet reference who is referring to a friend about this video on what kind of helmets are in price ranges I booked my thumbs up was gone and when I subscribed that was

  12. Avatar
    Maggie Hammer says:

    I'm an equestrian. Some of my helmets are black. This is good. My dad used to tell me to remember, that blonds can't hide in the dark. Now my hair is white so it's even worse. Wear a black stocking cap or a black helmet. Better yet, wear a black stocking cap under a black helmet.


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