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    tito vetre says:

    preparing for the end of the world is not in the people of all countrys, is in the United States, you north americans are obsessed with guns and the end of the world, is not surprised to me because USA is a war nation, obsessed with guns and that stuff, but in the rest of the world people are preparing for an economic recession, not for the apocalyspse, end of the world or zombie attack, if that happens some ounces of gold or silver doesnt mean anything, you are dead

  2. Avatar
    Just Watching says:

    Prepping & Stacking go together like Liberals & Fake News. 🤟 I just got into both. Great vids. Pandas, Marvel, Silver Eagles,Gold Eagles & Junk Silver. BTC is for after markets fail and before SHTF 2 years later. 🤟💰🚀

  3. Avatar
    Scott Bailey says:

    Economy isn’t getting worse. The economy is actually booming. So stop the doom and gloom. Buy silver but don’t do it out of fear. The climate change is a hoax so don’t play on that. Be sensible about all this please.

  4. Avatar
    Joe Costello says:

    Great job, except it would be better if you showed a BIG pile of silver while you read.
    if all people see is 'print on their screen', they'll fast forward through your video and
    if it goes throughout, they exit your video. in my 60s and still enjoy your videos but
    they need some 'eye candy'. That's all.
    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you. – Joey From Seattle

    i shop at (no affiliation, just good service)

  5. Avatar
    That Bearded Veteran says:

    Just started stacking about a month ago. Hope to have a full monster box one day, but the wife doesn’t get this “silver stuff”. 2 suggestions/ requests for future videos.
    1. How to get a spouse on board with stacking.
    2. A video to share with those not into stacking on what to get stackers for Christmas/ birthdays and where to get said items.

  6. Avatar
    Clinton Neal says:

    I'm a very well educated person on technology and trust me when I say the first thing to go in a widescale global war or disaster will be electricity. Having a home battery is an excellent idea to hedge against this risk, and solar panels because the grid is doomed in a SHTF scenario.

    Second thing to go will be global communications networks of yesteryear. All based on satellites and submarine cables and the electric grid so without the internet you can kiss goodbye to your bitcoin. Radios will be worth their weight in gold literally, so CB Ham radio enthusiasts they will still be able to communicate so long as there's no jamming locally, long range could be difficult.

    It almost goes without saying food and water should be number 1 and 2 priority. Canned food and large volume of water. Beyond that physical gold and silver in tradable quantities, IE don't expect change for a hundred ounce bar of Silver or a 10 ounce bar of gold. You have to already have the right quantity. Diversify your physical holdings by volume. 100 ounces, 1 kgs, all the way down.

    This is not financial or other advice. 👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺😬🧐🎄

  7. Avatar
    crypto lite says:

    "i was in crypto so i understand it" … that's not how it works bro. u sound super close minded . u realize not everyone can own bitcoin right? its for the rich people in the future if it adopts. sure silver and gold will hold some value but the world is going digital. silver and gold are just store of value . this is not ape era no more u dont seem to understand that. trust me i love me some silver and gold and i have those. but a lot of assumptions u make there

  8. Avatar
    Shane York says:

    I agree with most everything that you said. I'm stacking for a few reasons, one is the SHTF scenario. The main thing I did was get a little over a 2 years supply of food. Yes, it takes up alot of rooom. A couple of things you need to think about before jumping into food storage. You get stuff that you like and eat your supply as you replace it. AND DON'T FORGET TO ROTATE!!
    Have a GREAT Day!!!


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