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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

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Simple things I do to help prepare. January 5, 2011- filling up soda and juice bottles from Christmas with fresh drinking water for our water storage.
Prepper Burn Treatment

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    watuwaitn4 says:

    @USGrant1974 … I agree, just something I do. I don't know if it makes it last longer, but… it couldn't hurt. 🙂 It also makes sure that the juice smell is gone. No mater how many times I wash them, some fruit juices still have a lingering odor.

  2. Avatar
    astrialkil says:

    @neacie71 If you are filtering your bottle water with a carbon filter to filter out the fluoridation then you are also removing the chlorine, which protects you from bacteria. You probably need to put chlorine or iodine water purification chemicals in to the water after you filter it. Other wise you could get sick when you drink it.

  3. Avatar
    watuwaitn4 says:

    @SurvivalOhio … Thanks for watching and sub. I will be getting to the bobs before the end of the month. BTW, I am from Ohio, born in Akron. Been here in Texas for about 35 years now. But I still miss the snow 🙁

  4. Avatar
    watuwaitn4 says:

    @zatima … I am preparing for many situations, I started preparing for bad weather. Then, moved to economic collapse, shtf, or anything that will disrupt our normal life. I have used the stored water several times with the hurricane, when the city water system broke down (we were under boil water notice for several days), and we were without water for several weeks on and off during the day when they were replacing water lines in our area (without any notice). But we had water 🙂


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