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    J T says:

    You are right, Amanda! Was a Walmart today looking for an extra thermometer (sold out) and someone was looking for hand sanitizer (sold out). I told them to mix 70%, or above above, alcohol with Aloe Vera gel. Right then a guy rolled up with a cart loaded with 91% alcohol. 😄 👍
    Also stopped by the Dollar Tree and picked up the store brand of Tylenol and some other meds. Our med cabinet is stuffed now. Thanks for that heads up. Still praying for your dad & you. ML. 💜✝🌷💗

  2. Avatar
    Joy Steward says:

    There is no hand sanitizer within 50 mile radius of Portland, Oregon. It's crazy on the west coast. Washington has it the worst, but Oregon and California are getting bad.

  3. Avatar
    C Mi says:

    Thank you for the tip on DYI hand sanitizer. Excellent idea! 💡I love my aloe vero gel & keep extra on hand… need more alcohol though. I went by the store after work today, but didn't feel well enough to do a major haul. Plan to reorganize cabinets & inventory items this weekend so I know what I still need. Stores here appear to be well stock with a few exclusions.

  4. Avatar
    HootOwl Holler says:

    I've got you beat on price for Aloe Vera gel & 91% alcohol. Abt 6 mos ago I got a big AV gel for 1.00 & the big 91% alcohol for 2.50. I was thinking then that I won't have to buy hand sanitizer for a year or 2. 😁

  5. Avatar
    Pennsylvania Prepper says:

    I've seen this 1st hand. I couldn't believe Sam's Club was OUT of rice! As far as hand sani, remember when we washed our hands because hand sani wasn't 'invented' yet? Have you heard from your dad? How is he doing? I posted my comment before I watched the whole video. If he has a smart phone, have him send you videos to post for us. It'll give him something to do.

  6. Avatar
    Eva Myrick says:

    Amanda, I was at my Walmart today and there was absolutely no alcohol, sanitizer, anti-bacterial soaps, wet wipes, Malox or the Walmart brand.. My Walmart is a super center. Was hardly any sugar, canned meats and pasta type dinner were sparse. Same at Dollar Tree.
    If you don't want to make the hand sanitizers do what I do buy a bottle of high strength alcohol and an empty spray bottle, The one I buy from DT the sprayeer will screw right on a alcohol bottle. I carried my larger spray bottle of alcohol into Walmart and sprayed my cart down as usual plus my hands. Before I open my trucks doors I spray the door handles down and then my hands. After I loaded all my stuff into the truck I spray my hands down again. I have been doing this for decades and haven't had a cold in over 40 years and never the flu.
    I know my routine is not going to do anything to prevent the virus but it helps me say healthy in the long run.
    Today we were informed that a man in Tulsa County, Oklahoma has the virus. They didn't mention what part of the county but we live within 10 miles of the east of Tulsa county. Said the man had been in Italy and flew into Tulsa International Airport on Feb 23 and was confirmed infected on the 29th and they with held this from the public until today.
    Stay safe out there everyone. Still praying for your father, his lady friend and all aboard.


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