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22 replies
  1. Avatar
    Mike Higgins says:

    It’s terrible South Korea has an epidemic but we can see the real virus expansion. In China it’s all fake numbers. In South Korea and on the diamond princess we are seeing exponential growth. Real case studies of the virus reproductive rate.

  2. Avatar
    Glenn B says:

    Issa's vLogs,great source of information from that YouTube channel also peak prosperity and others,I no longer trust the MSM on this,their just saying it's a bad case of flu

  3. Avatar
    Alan Hughes says:

    I don,t trust this virus it might kill half the population then the people who survived might not be out of the woods as it may come back and finish them off.Could be around for a long time.

  4. Avatar
    Jennifer Summers says:

    I'm in the Philippines. I'm a expat. If u believe the cdc your being hoodwinked. Before it was on the radar like it is now, 300000 Chinese student flew back to the USA.
    Its being downplayed. How can they stop it. They can't. 34 cases in usa. Laughable. Mark my words it's gonna get bad in the USA. 1.2 ro for flu and this is a 3 to 6 to.

  5. Avatar
    Sailing Aeolus says:

    Supply chain problems are coming. Already 1/2 of cargo ships to Northern Europe are canceled. Shortages will pop up soon. If even a few percent get this in the US, it will get ugly quick I think. Multiculturalism, foreign operative "gangs", militant cultural Marxism, open state-sponsored hatred of Christendom (like California)…would anyone in their right mind go to the quarantine camps without one hell of a fight?

  6. Avatar
    Jamie Johnson says:

    I am pulling my daughter out of school on monday, and we will homeschool. I found out that they're monitoring 27 people in my state (no confirmed cases) but that is all i needed to hear. My husband and I are not taking chances.


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