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    heystarfish100 says:

    Be careful with eating all those carbs. Carbs are formed into sugar which can cause weight gain and lead to diabetes. When I was younger and more active I could eat anything. As I added the years up it became a hard habit to break. I don’t think I would store more food than can be consumed in 2 months. Learning about proper nutrition is something everyone of us needs to spend more time with while young. That’s the best preppier advice I can offer.

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    Kurt Feltenberger says:

    Were some of those items bought in bulk and then split into smaller packs (the beans that went bad)?

    One of the things that's on my list of acquisitions either this fall or next spring is a large vacuum chamber sealer, rather than the more traditional consumer design. The bags hold the seal better and you can actual seal liquids without having to worry about the vacuum sucking them out of the bag.

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    Ben Dover says:

    Hello Harlywood.
    Wow, everyone is different eh?
    I've only been prepping for a year or so.
    Kinda new at this "serious prepping", as I calls it, … that's because we grew up prepping for every long cold and dark winter. I grew up canning food. Lots of meats, fish, (how's lobster sound?) jams, jellies, pickles and chows.
    I inherited a large families life time collection of used mason jars so that came in handy because I'm a glass man now, Vacuum seal and oxygen absorbers are my new bestest friends.
    I find lots of affordable mason jars at the thrift stores and the bottle recycle place, of all places. The thrift store just jacked their prices to $5 a dozen so I'm boycotting them. (bleep) them if they can't take a joke eh?
    Here's the catch, my total income is $320 a month. AGGHHH!!!!
    The trick? No phone, no bills, no rent, nothing, zilch, … zero debt to anyone.
    Now I'm either blessed, or an idiot, and it makes no difference to this blessed idiot.
    The "local" food bank is only fifty miles away and I have just starting making use of this wonderful resource. They gave me a gallon jug of pancake syrup today, … can you imagine? I love and make pancakes all the time. Only once a month visits are "allowed" at this food bank though.
    Next is the dumpster diving. You wouldn't believe what's thrown away.
    I started diving by looking for the good five gallon plastic pails they were always throwing away, and things just progressed from there.
    I scored 14 dozen eggs last week. Made quarts and quarts of home canned pickled eggs. I "hot packed" and water bathed the things too, so they are good for months and months.
    Anywho, I can keep my dehydrator filled with free stuff. Apples, oranges, lemons, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and the blocks of cheese I have found. I must of collected over 80 lbs of cheese last winter. (I only dive the cold months) I taught myself how to can cheese and wax cheese, … and just started dehydrating cottage cheese because I was told you can, … lol
    I have over a years preps for three people easy, and I'm still working at it.
    My "prep" of the year was 2.5 kg bags of white flour for $1 a bag. I got 30 bags. That's 165 lbs of flour for $30 good people. I pack the flour in large one gallon glass jars with the good metal "snap" lids so you know they are sealed, that I get for free from the local pizza place. I think there's about 7 lb per gallon jar. They get stashed down in my deep, dark, cold, and dry sub-basement. It don't get much better for storage BUT! All my eggs are in the one basket, so I'm looking at constructing an underground root cellar/storm shelter/back up storage for some preps. I'd prefer two rooms, one I could heat without messing up the root cellar and use to crash in in an emergency storm situation. But right now, I'll take whatever I can build, … Always "add on" later eh?
    And, then there's the secret trap door, that right now goes nowhere, but I can fix that with some bales of straw to construct a small insulated room where a years supply of dry foods could easily be stored. I wouldn't store my meats or pickles there though because they might just freeze on me.
    Have a great one.


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