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The way I got my wife into it.
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  1. Avatar
    Mike Bergquist says:

    The perfect rifle is the rifle you can operate effectively, regardless of how much your rifle cost! The “Maserati” of rifles is useless and ineffective if you can’t drive that weapon!

  2. Avatar
    Mr. Shawnee Mominee says:

    I have a wife similar to this. She's about 80% on board. Your redundancy of multiple ways to Target was something I hadn't thought of. Thank you. I'm going to get to work setting up my wife and kids (early teens). Will probably do this to my own SKS as well. Thanks again bud. Keep up the good work. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Avatar
    Babybluehashyo says:

    I'm just starting prepping. My boyfriend has no idea. I'm not trying to get him on board… I just buy the extra groceries and he doesn't keep track of where the food is going because he doesn't do the cooking. As a single income family we can't do much but I am slowly getting us ready. I don't want him telling his friends and family that his baby momma went crazy. I'm not preparing for them to come after us yet, just our household. My first action will be to cook the fat neighbor upstairs lmao. We'll be well fed for an entire winter.

  4. Avatar
    archangel20031 says:

    Why bother with a huge bag of spare parts (and the tools to work on it) that if something falls out, it won't be a spare, not to mention the time to rebuild it. Just build a second rifle and be ready to go and if god forbid something breaks, put the broken rifle aside as a supply of spare parts.

  5. Avatar
    SouthernStyle357 says:

    So I'm divorced now but I got my ex involved by basically turning my basement into a small general store stocking up on items we used all the time.. Can goods, toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, cleaning supplies, sugar, rice, etc.. After a while you actually become spoiled by simply running down stairs to resupply when you run out of an item.. I think she actually enjoyed buying things by the case instead of just buying a couple items at a time.. I guess the bottom line is sometimes prepping can actually be a convenience in your day to day life and who doesn't like convenience..

  6. Avatar
    Fishermen 82 says:

    I've been a prepper for 10 yrs now. Been with my wife for 14 years. In the beginning she thought I was just paranoid and couldn't care less. After my son (8 now) was born we had a really nasty winner and ended up losing power for a week…needless to say we were one of the few homes in our area with power, heat and hot water. Not to mention the fact that we were trapped in our house for almost a week because of the road well everyone around us was freaking out. She did not have to worry about anything. All was taken care of. That feeling of not having to worry is what got her on board. After that event and some others she hopped on the prepper train real quick! 🍻

  7. Avatar
    fjm1061 says:

    I started buying guns and ammo back in 2011. What sent me into serious prepping was when I saw hurricane Maria send Puerto Rico’s grid back to the year 1900 overnight. Desensitization works. Prep in full view of your wife and loved ones. Explain things only when they’re receptive. Once they see the logic they’re more supportive. If SHTF don’t say “see I told you so”. They’ll be grateful for having your foresight and wisdom to prepare in advance.

  8. Avatar
    Heather Herbst says:

    I love prepping. My hubby and son are my helpers. We are the only people in this neighborhood with chickens. Yes! We sell fresh organic eggs and tomatoes. I also know who the other first response workers in our neighborhood. Get to know who your neighbors are.

  9. Avatar
    Jim Califwin says:

    Three of my work associates are on board. They have CCWs and train but are not Ex military. Almost had 3 more possibilities. Commiefornia is rough place for parts, Ammo, ranges , M16 or AKs. Keep mobile ready to Toss or Bury.LDS cannery is 2 and a half hours away. Gave over 250 pounds of staples to fire relief last California Fire Season. Training with Mini 14 and Savage Scout 308. And PT with old body. Thanks for concepts, data and information.

  10. Avatar
    Ruffo Walker says:

    I woke up Friday and my girlfriend invited her sister over and literally have away all of my canned goods and seeds because she said we weren't using it. Like WTFH. I ended up taking her to work and she wanted me to cook up steak she had defrosting I replied with, no I was thinking about just giving it away to one of our neighbors because we haven't used it in a week. Long story short I ended up pissing her off but at least all of you understand what I'm going through.

  11. Avatar
    Paulie Baker , Jr. says:

    I am going back through your vids because there were a lot I hadn`t seen since I subscribed . I`ve liked most of your vids and usually come away from them with something . But this one kind of let me down . The preface hinted that the subject would be the problem with your spouse not being on board with the prepping mindset , which it started that way and the last few minutes you addressed it , but , then you meandered on about weapons . My wife isn`t into guns , so , it wasn`t time well spent as far as me watching it . Which it`s anybody`s right to do a video about whatever they wish , just for me I feel I lost time . And that`s one commodity that can`t be replaced . But out of all the vids you`ve made , that`s a good record . =) Always catch your vids and don`t plan to miss any . I never leave without taking something away . Take care my brother .

  12. Avatar
    ghetto mama says:

    Hey finally decided to watch this video. Tell mama/wifey we appreciate the knowledge you offer. Behind every awesome teacher is an even awesomer wifey!😉 The obsession you have with guns I have with natural medicine. May sound stupid but I grew up living with different relatives and almost never went to a doctor. My kids dad started me on natural medicine (he's half creek) and been hooked ever since and have learned a ton, and cured a ton, prevented a ton all with natural remedies. I teach my 19year old daughter too. Oklahoma has so much medicine that grows wild and I'm learning it little by little. My kids dad is on board but me and the kids are the laborers but he'll buy anything I ask him for if he gripes I say this is for preps!!! On another note neither of us have a clue about guns that's probably why I'm so afraid to use them. You should make a video about that. Hope you get this message cuz this is an old video. Thanks for all you do🙋


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