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50 replies
  1. Avatar
    Evan Grove says:

    I found a way for the safe hatchs to be useful
    Get morbs to make polluted o2 and have puffs turn it into slime then the sage hatches turn it to coal for free

  2. Avatar
    danwithaplan says:

    Blitz Klei nerfed the Natgas generators! They now need 90g/s of gas, meaning you'd need 9 fertilizer makers per generator, which uses more power than it generates! Basically, you need a Natgas vent to help things now!

  3. Avatar
    The Fantasy Life says:

    If you ever find a metal volcano, enclose the volcano with insulated tiles, suck out all the gasses in it so it's a vaccum and that will put it at sub zero tempature and allow the volcano to not heat up the rest of your base

  4. Avatar
    William Krell says:

    You know Blitz you can set it so they auto-prioritize their job over everything else, thou that only works before you assign the jobs so you would have to usassign then re assign everyone's job.

  5. Avatar
    William Tra says:

    Still find very wired, taking about sat and Iam watching on mon, well hope u had gewd hot dogs : / kinda late! 🙂 also it was like u would put vids up that were just fer me and kinda looses the personal feel to it, is dat crazy, i prob. Did no text dat write but you get idea, thanks 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Josh says:

    "Oxygen isn't that important" 5 minutes later "Why aren't my guys working" 4 episodes later "We'll get the air sorted out so they'll work"

  7. Avatar
    Josh says:

    well, you don't grill hot dogs, you boil them for maximum hotdoggyness along with a hundred other hot dogs. hot dogs are an all you can eat food. brats are grilled, broiled, pan fried or beer boiled. They have enough flavor on their own to not be cooked with a hundred others of themself in water.
    Putting toppings besides pickles on brats is a bit of a heresy, unless it's a beer reduction sauce, and require a larger more hardy bun.
    Hot dogs can be eaten easily and topped with whatever you want.
    That's the difference between hot dogs and brauts

  8. Avatar
    anapitu72 says:

    'They're over there getting a 'massaagee'. That's French for massage'. XD
    Not really. The French for massage is 'massage'. Actually even pronounced the same way (French original word).

  9. Avatar
    Eldritch Sigma says:

    Chlorine has a higher density than CO2, it should fall to lower levels. However it seems they used molar mass to determine which gases float ontop of one another. And even then that would mean they didnt use Cl-Gas which is basicly Cl2 which has a higher molar mass than carbon dioxide

  10. Avatar
    Jagged Power says:

    I guess I don't understand the power transformers? I always thought they were used to have heavy watt cable for a long distance then use one to drop it to the smaller wire to attach to equipment.

  11. Avatar
    Kaitlin says:

    I don't understand half of these comments! Lol. Love these videos! I was skeptical of the streaming and then the video thang but I like it! It adds to the length and the viewers can add in little tips that you wouldn't really get otherwise! They also add their silly comments which, I think, adds to the videos! Thank you for all your hard work, don't let the haters get you down, and keep your stick on the ice. BYE!


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