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    Douglas Harley says:

    i got an iceco g20 in december for my box van build, and have been using it since then on 110 AC power, and it's AMAZING ! i can't wait to get it into its DC powered home. 🙂 great fridge for a great price, cannot recommend more highly. peace

  2. Avatar
    melanie rein says:

    I live in my Honda fit it was actually shown in your RTR rig video! I was in a tent for three years before I moved into the car now for a year and a half! I’d like to stop using my little ice chest and get a small fridge I have a foldable hundred watt panel that’s awesome with a little ENKEEO Power Station 155 Watt, the fridge in this video is too big I’m looking for a small one that will runoff the power I have would anybody be able to suggest one? Like maybe no more than 20 inches long by 12 inches wide by like 18 inches high somewhere in those dimensions again a Honda fits pretty small and I already have everything in there

  3. Avatar
    Travis Chrispen says:

    do you need solar to run this ? I have two deepsell 80amphour wired to give 160amphours devided x2=8o amphours to use
    ,part timer,i charge by my truck battery/altenater and don't run anything else on the house batters(to use ass a fridge(cooler)not a freezer

  4. Avatar
    Ronnie Rowe says:

    I have the 54qt costway from Amazon. Was $200 less and the pictures in the add are the exact same. I think they just photo shop the names on. Had it 15 months with no problems on 200w of solar.

  5. Avatar
    Ke Le says:

    Very very helpful review. Thanks for all the details, and for the discount code. I'm glad to know that the compressor is good quality,, and of course it's good to know that it's sold under the Secop name. Love the labels under the lid. Thank you Bob and Dakota for your time and attention to detail in this great follow-up! Safe travels!

  6. Avatar
    Herr Wolfe says:

    On Black Friday AMazon had these on sale for $329!!! I bought one and it is fantastic, I tried to get the message to Bob that they were sell over 40% off but it just didn't get thru. These have a 5 YEAR guarantee!!! and a selector switch for different power levels, low medium and high also a BATTERY protector that will turn it off it your battery is getting low. I couldn't recommend any higher this is a Great product.

  7. Avatar
    Peter Limbrick says:

    Thankyou @CheapRVliving this was the best deal of 2019, I use it as a freezer and it works really well, I am using the house power to it while I'm hooked up to mains. This is a great product worth every cent you pay for it, and again thanks Bob for sharing this deal, I'm in Australia and I was able to get a good deal, The Engle brand is the most popular here and I would say this is as good as and Engle. Can't say thankyou enough Bob 🙂 one very happy customer.

  8. Avatar
    dtalon92 says:

    I bought the JP50 using Bob's discount code when the first video came out. Everything discussed in this video is true. The compressor is very quiet. I also have mine set at 30 degrees. The compressor comes on at 34 degrees and runs untill it gets to 30. Nothing ever freezes when set at this temperature. I paid $411.00 and got a 50 liter refrigerator with a Dan Foss compressor. You can't beat that deal. Thanks, Bob.

  9. Avatar
    Colin Hyde says:

    I bought one in October with the discount code. It arrived with a cracked hinge on the door. Amazon was very good about it & said they didn't want it back & just refunded my $. I fab'd a reinforcing strap around both hinges, so this is basically a free danfos fridge/freezer. We tested it on 110 volt AC & it worked great. We'll be running it on 12 volt dc shortly. Great value so far, but check the hinges very carefully when you get one.

  10. Avatar
    Shawn R says:

    This is a great item.
    Definately in my future to purchase.

    I would combine this with a good cooler.

    Freeze water bottles in the fridge and use them in the cooler.

    Nothing wrong with additional cold storage.

  11. Avatar
    Jeff Karrow says:

    How many watts does it draw? I have a 1.25 cu. in. freezerless fridge that was actually a wine cellar, but if you take out the wine racks it's a perfect RV fridge for $50, and has more room without a freezer and draws only 11 watts! Runs on 110 and stays good and cold. I use it for camping and fishing and always have an extra Coleman cooler with some blue ice packs from home.

  12. Avatar
    Cheryl Flynn says:

    Bob, this doesn’t relate to refrigeration on the road, but it is a question that has been on my mind. I have heard you mention several times that in the desert there is quite a bit of dust and sand. What do you recommend as an alternative to the desert that is also close to the geographic“T “design that you mentioned in video #5. of the series on where to find the tribe? Due to my health, I can’t deal with the sand and debris in the air. Thank you in advance. Thank you for everything that you have done for nomads. Peace ☮️


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