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    BonnetWrench says:

    What happens if you get a light rain (just enough to fill the flush tube) and then it stops, the tube drains and then another light rain comes and instead of filling the (already clean) water into the barrel now it has to fill the flush tube again. If it rains on and off like that all day long you could potentially never get a drop of the clean water into your rain barrel…

  2. Avatar
    Andrew Liu says:

    2:16 with volume up
    Oh, so if I put this on a tank, the military should be very thankful
    for the overexcited australian narrator
    Don't get me wrong, i love australians and their accents. 😛

  3. Avatar
    BigBadBill2323 says:

    Johnlvs2run: The missing part of this explanation, is that you can actually calculate the amount of water that runs off your roof, in the "first flush".  Then, you can adjust the amount of water going "down the drain" by changing the size of the reservoir before the water flows to the storage area.

  4. Avatar
    BigBadBill2323 says:

    BonnetWrench: It would depend on the time lapse between the first and second rain.  The tube drains slowly enough that you might still have water in it, so it would refill sooner.


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