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    Huples Cat EPL says:

    Caches are a risk for sure. You can leave stuff in our garage while we live in Newmarket. If not we'd fed you and set you off right anyway. Until we move we have too much at home anyway to take to the BOL but I also plan for contingencies and we may have to stay in place longer than I'd want. Once we move we are going dark though to all. For us you'd have access even if we are gone or out. Mind you neighbours might loot but not early on. If we bug out I'd place it hidden outdoors.
    I do think a bike rack is essential for a trucker. Stock the trailer with dehydrated foods and a good filter and tent and you are set
    The cross Canada trail is a likely good way to bike home in shtf. Not much used and generally away from folks
    The A American series first book is a good one for this as the hero is a trucker and it is emp. Actually the whole series is not bad. Way better than One Second After
    Ideally I'd want a fuel efficient motorbike but that might not be possible
    I know when we went to Luneburg knowing your address would have been vital if shtf had happened! We'd have left the dogs with you 🙂

    Too trusting? Not really. Caches get taken anyway and this is a way safer method. That said you knowing our address is a huge issue if you show up in the armoured truck with your cannibal Right Wing friends 🙂 Given we have a BOL the risk to us is minor compared to the help it would be to you so what the heck!

  2. Avatar
    Kansas Prepper says:

    I think it is risky to leave stuff with others, but you got to do what you got to do right. You travel all over your country, I think if you have folks you believe will be trustworthy then it is a good idea. Caches are risky, but hell EVERYTHING is risky in a SHTF situation.

  3. Avatar
    Ontario Homestead says:

    I tend to agree with the long range caches would prefer them somewhere I could trust. That being said I rarely travel and the times u do I think huples would help me out.. all said my fellow Canadian I thinknso am far down on your travel corridor I volunteer to help you out even said pretty sure I could find enough extra gear for ya

  4. Avatar
    Integrative Preparedness says:

    Good video and great ideas. Bicycles are an important and often overlooked prep that I addressed in the first few pages of The Reversion, and also in more detail in The Renewal. When you find people you trust, it wouldn't hurt to ask them if you can leave a mountain bike with them in addition to your bag.👍


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