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In this video I discuss the features the various security applications for light as well as all the factors that go into making a flashlight tactical. Please like, comment …
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46 replies
  1. Avatar
    Rogue Preparedness says:

    The intro was epic!
    Really great overview of the overall tactical flashlight. I like the strike bezel on a flashlight as you said, great to disable an attack, at least for a second.
    Really great overview of lumens vs intensity, I hadn't really thought about it, though I've noticed a big difference between flashlights between their intensity based on where the concentration of light is. I definitely know what to look for now, this vid has really helped a lot to help me understand flashlights better in general. Thanks!!

  2. Avatar
    david a says:

    "Just wondering", how many tactical flashlight's are out there that have the ability to go on red light mode? I think this is a very useful feature to have on a light, this gives the user the ability to use a beam that is not easily detectable when just finding ones way about without sticking out like a sore thumb. Oh and by the way I would take the Pipsqueak Prepper on my team any day, very spunky.HAha Thanks for the vid BRO.

  3. Avatar
    Wild Riley says:

    low about a type that lives on a charger by the radios? that way you are sure that they're always topped off with a full battery? any recommendations for that kind?

  4. Avatar
    OH8STN Ham Radio says:

    Hello CP. Hope this isn't throwing you under the bus, … You mentioned the LED Lenser lights, which usually have fewer lumens, but equal intensity as the more powerful Thrunite lamps. The difference being the ability to focus light rather than being a flood. Why not explain the differing philosophies of more efficient focused light vs greater intensity?
    Great intro btw, and keep ip the great work.

  5. Avatar
    John Lord says:

    10* I don't usually watch anything flashlight. This topic is viable in the city with any two-legged predator, and in the outback with a four-legged predator. Especially with a strobe light effect.

  6. Avatar
    John Campbell says:

    "results may vary", indeed. If you were breaking in my front door, I'd be heading out the back. 😀

    Great info here; there's a lot of misconceptions about lighting, tactical or otherwise.

  7. Avatar
    Everything There Is says:

    I'm still not sold on moving away from AAs to prepare for a grid-down scenario. I think I'm gonna take some cash over this next year and buy several of the really inexpensive lights all over Amazon and really put them to the test – it's almost impossible to find good info out there on the really cheap ones and I bet people search for reviews on them all the time. Most of them are probably crap, but I bet a few aren't so bad.

  8. Avatar
    jonathan bosco says:

    Thanks for the video, Interesting how far flashlight technology has come vs the price and the battery price. Much better than the light on a handgun or rifle, excellent tool for a family member not trained in fire arms or places on the earth where fire arms are illegal. Love freedom God Bless

  9. Avatar
    Domingos ,o profitécnico artista says:

    Very good as always,but there is also here a tendency that i am seeing on many prepper channels,the Surefire brand is not refered as good option,at least you refer the name,many channels fear it,ok,they are expensive but if you have one you will know for sure that you have most if not all of your lighting problems solved,and the relation between spot,flood and trhow in them are one of a kind..i wish Surefire would watch my comments to give me one flashlight…do not have experience with elzeta,but it seems a very good brand also…others like fenix are very good,but after having a surefire you will feel the diference,for general purposes,the greaT MAG-LITE is very good

  10. Avatar
    S3CR3TL3V3LZ says:

    If I knew I was going to be aiming for eyes with light, I would use a flashlight at first, then a decent laser pointer. Some of those stronger grade green lasers (banned here, because why not they banned wood guns) and the effect is very long lasting. They have the advantage of not immediately lighting up the area where you are standing as well.
    Most of the decent LED Lensers keep me covered, although not anything that uses a specialty battery, all my battery use is standardized now.

    It's always a tough call, slightly price but sustainable and permanency based performance or excessive performance for a tiny investment, that will eventually expire without replenishment. Everyone underestimates the utility of a good headlamp in medical kits or engine tools. Anything where you've got moments to search for something should have a hands free light option. When camping stealthy we'd crack a light stick and drop it in the bag so we could open up and find anything in short order.

  11. Avatar
    Bruce Wayne says:

    Handy Tip: Remember to always keep a backup flashlight in your Faraday Cage; since the LEDs are silicone junctions and are susceptible to EMP. Your $100 flashlight can quickly become a paperweight. I would also suggest keeping a few older incandescent flashlights (e.g with a filament ex: Halogen MAGLITE) in storage, they are 100% EMP proof.

  12. Avatar
    Yeoman says:

    I have two different Fenix flashlights and the Elzetta Alfa and Charlie. Fenix are great for the price, but Elzetta have build options ( amount of lumins,tail caps that provide different light functions or on/off functions ,size and defusers)and can really throw a beam or defuse it ,it's crystal clear and the colour of the light is white and crisp. I recommend Elzetta myself but they are expensive ,so this is where Fenix fits in.

  13. Avatar
    Weekend Wanderer says:

    Like the idea of a flashlight with a dedicated strobe button. All of the ones I currently own require multiple clicks to get to the strobe feature, which kind of gives away the element of surprise when you need that feature the most. Great vid.

  14. Avatar
    Andrew Attard says:

    I saw a feature on a surveillance camera system that hits you with a bright light. They said something like 95% of the time the person looks right towards the light and then it takes your picture.

    I think the most important feature of a tactical flashlight is what shotgun it's mounted to.

  15. Avatar
    Red River Scout says:

    I have to say I can see the point of fixed lights for defending a fixed position. Heck the very basic version of that is a campfire to keep predators away. But I really don't get the usefulness of tactical flashlights for preppers. I mean how many of us even if SHTF will be doing CQB and clearing buildings room to room? And unless you have specialized training trying to do that anyway is a bad idea. In nearly all other applications a flashlight of nearly any kind with the exception of a red light will only give away your position and if you are facing more then one person you are giving their buddy a brilliant aiming point to shoot for. That is why even for foot patrols as a security guard we got training on how to hold your flashlight to conceal where you body is to avoid ambush. I am not saying they do not have their uses but for most applications you would use them for unless you are properly trained in those techniques you are just painting a nice big target. For most applications an old army D cell with a red lens is much more practical I think.

  16. Avatar
    Wayne Bolton says:

    The flashlight that is on my night table is a Fenix TK75 (2015 Edition) modified for more output by Vinguyen. ( TK75vn) it will cause severe pain in the eyes of an intruder at 10 feet away.

  17. Avatar
    Niels Smits says:

    I personally use the sony vtc5a unprotected and costed me less than 5 bucks from a reputable source.

    Batteries dont have to cost alot but you'll need to know how to use them.


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