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    sniper71267 says:

    Many people will not know what is edible in the woods and that is very easy to learn. All you have to do is watch the animals and eat what they do. Acorns for instance, squirrels eat them and so can you, Berries, the bears will teach you. Rabbits will teach you what grasses and bark you can eat. Did you know aspirin is made from the bark of a willow tree? Well you do now. All you truly need to survive is a knife, skills and knowledge.

  2. Avatar
    zeropointpower says:

    'm not going to criticize your food selection but why do you still shop at Walmart? They are THE Anti-Christ anti-American corporation. Who was one of the main driving forces of out-sourcing of all of your jobs overseas for higher profits? Your prepping but continuing to support Walmart supports some of the underlying causes of the collapse you believe is coming.. I know the Chinese goods are everywhere but TRY to support corporations that don't treat American workers like trash.

  3. Avatar
    goldcurrent1 says:

    I'm no expert in this area either, but I can't stress enough the importance of drinking water and water purification. Unless you will be near a clean source or have several months worth of clean water stored, make sure you get yourself a portable Katadyn water filter.

  4. Avatar
    Main Man Moose says:

    hey demcad – some people are predicting that the silver prices will go through correction, and go back down to $25, but I dont understand, if things are getting worse, then why is the silver price going to go down? thanks in advance

  5. Avatar
    wizardangel says:

    learn a off grid cooking skills – solar ovens or rocket stove ,,I dehydrate produce and fruits grabbing reduce sale bargains ,,white potatoes I turn into dehydrated hashbrowns often because of fast quick cooking time ,or quick toss in soups to thicken up- I have galvinized trash cans small for storage due to mice that will chew holes in the plastic buckets -the metal can could be used for other needs,a quick stove or boil water sanitation if kept off direct flame contact -Good job on items Dem !

  6. Avatar
    freemutant says:

    I use the same strategy Reg it works well as long a you rotate the food. Plastic buckets and a stable climate will keep your food in good condition, not the best solution but better than nothing. Thanks for the vids.

  7. Avatar
    Christina Ellisor says:

    Salt and sugar are two things I see missing. I know canned food has a lot of salt, but I still store it. Sugar stores for a very long time and brown sugar is good in rice. I also like Liquid Aminos as it tastes like soy sauce but adds tons of protein to rice and beans.

  8. Avatar
    Mplanelover says:

    The only thing I did not like about your video is what you said about the greeters at the store being old. Young people have a lot of choices for work where older people don't.

  9. Avatar
    noahsark1962 says:

    Walmart does a lot of things that they shouldn't.The only place I have found food cheaper is Aldi.

    I really like yankeeprepper's channel.He has a lot of good info.I am trying to prepare but it makes me frustrated when my husband is calling me a conspiracy theorist.I guess,he will thank me later.

  10. Avatar
    Xone God says:

    @jcattera Did you taste the contents? More often than not, the dates on products are arbitrary at best. The Federal Gov't demands them, but are often wrong. Half of commercial products last twice as long as the expiration stated. I.E. products high in sugar, or canned goods; salt and sugar packing have expiration stamps, but under sealed packaging last literally decades. And while the flavor may degrade when surpassing the expiration date, the products remain comestible and nutritious.


  11. Avatar
    ud45 says:

    @jcattera Just because you pass the freshness date, it doesn't mean the food is bad. Just past some arbitrary date the company calls peek freshness. Cans get deformed and spew if the contents gets bacteria build up. Old timers new when food went bad without some printed date. Of course be carefull. Ask Older people how they did it. Get educated on how things were kept in root cellars and closets. Pioneers crossed the prapie and ships crossed the Oceans with food stores. We can do it too.

  12. Avatar
    silver opp says:

    There is nothing wrong with shopping @ Walmart and various other stores when you are on a tight budget, especially when it is food that you are putting away in case of an emergency. I personally try to eat as much organic food as possible, but when it comes to having a stockpile of food and necessities, I too, purchase items at these stores. You never know when you are going to need them. When you are starving even that msg and gmo product are going to taste good!

  13. Avatar
    ShreddedSteele says:

    @DEMCAD organic whole grain rice is the only way to go buddy. also you should look into making hardtack with organic whole wheat flour. im firm on organics if possible and in your price range. if not go with that bleached white rice and bleached flour and bleached oatmeal… consuming bleach is really good for you.

  14. Avatar
    Rhiahl says:

    See, I thought you made some good choices there… Add some soy sauce and beef or chicken boullion in your next trip and you have the makings of several different types of meals with rice and pasta.

  15. Avatar
    MsAnna4040 says:

    Most of us wish we would had more money to prep more but we are limited to work with what we have. You are being responsible. You are taking the resources God has given you and doing your best. Thats all we can do. It looks to me as though you are doing a good job. Little by little, one step at a time….Godspeed!

  16. Avatar
    Mr.CashCall says:



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