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    Bruce Bosco says:

    I honestly feel this is could be great use for storm clean ups being as much as 80% of debris from homes after a disaster is wood – If several LARGE trucks or a convoy could be brought in to process all storm wastes lets say like after Katrina and immediately start bottling the gas and tar I know it would save millions on cleanups and also be better for the environment compared to landfills. Why nobody is aggressively studying this potential is something I don't understand. Unless its simply the Oil Lobbyists keeping it unsupported

  2. Avatar
    ChiefJustice Middleton says:

    You need to do a more concise video to show exactly what has been accomplished here. I am not a nay sayer because I know this technology works, its worked ever since before WWII. Joseph Maximus has a very valid question about running the blower when there is no available electricity. Would it be common sense to have a battery back up with an inverter to power the 120 volt blower to start the system? Having a longer video describing more of your operation also stops people from asking stupid ass questions and wasting other peoples time. Anyways nice job. I would axe the yellow paint though and paint it camo or forest green. Just my humble opinion.

  3. Avatar
    ornottoobless says:

    This is a downdraft wood gasifier, period. It is NOT imbert in any sense. It will not generate high enough temps to crack long chain hydrocarbons, thus you will be sending tars to your engine and eventually tar up the valves and the engine will fail. Pull it apart to untar it and "start over"- I think not. This is nothing but an expensive FEMA downdraft wood gasifier. You need to go back and understand the chemistry of producing a tar free product. Waste of money!

  4. Avatar
    Rene Andre says:

    WTF? You've got no electricity because of a major storm – so you want to fire up your wood burning L.E.A.F. gasifier generator to run a fuel powered electric generator – but to get the L.E.A.F. generator to fire up and get a good head of heat, you need and electric blower to get it going !?!?!? So where is that power coming from to run the Blower in the beginning? LOL… It's a RUBE GOLDBERG invention!

  5. Avatar
    Kube Dog says:

    When they don't give the price in the first few seconds, I know it's a couple of douche-bags selling a pile of shit that isn't ready for retail. Screw you, douche-bags. Come back in 10 years when it's ready.

  6. Avatar
    jaysen lawrence says:

    Sooooo you guys know that FEMA came out with a 90 something page book on how to build one of these right if not and your on an iPhone I would consider looking it up and putting it on your iBooks it's pretty helpful if you want to DIY one of these bad boys

  7. Avatar
    Keith Noneya says:

    It was hard to hear what was being said. Next time try putting the fan further away or in a box. That would probably make it easier to hear you guys. Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes n Blessings. Keith Noneya


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