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34 replies
  1. Avatar
    silver fan21 says:

    I dont trust anyone with my money or my metals such as gold and silver if you own precious metals why would you not have it close by it does not make sense to have a 3rd party to hold it for you unless there's something wrong with you.

  2. Avatar
    Tony deBruyne says:

    This will end one way….revolution is coming. If these bankers cannot see that then they are ignorant of history, or they actually see the writing on the walls and want to grab as much as they can before everything implodes, hoping to get out before they are lined up against a wall.

  3. Avatar
    Alberto Maccatrozzo says:

    Michael Pento is always great. Thank you! Nevertheless he is not the best guest to speak about Bitcoin. His opinion of course is always welcome but Bitcoin is like the electricity: a leap, an invention, hard to grasp in its multiple aspects, implication and future developments. I would love to see on your podcast and for the good of your public, someone more informed like Saifedean Ammous (author of the Bitcoin Standard), Stephan Livera or Pierre Rochard.

  4. Avatar
    russ burton says:

    they better understand the repo market cause they will be left with the bill when the dust settles. pento is the best and mike malloney is all in on gold and silver 😉 if government dont like losing their power (bitcoin) why is the federal reserve not government then =the usa already lost its power of money to the fed

  5. Avatar
    Greg Maxwell says:

    95% of all bitcoins are held in 3% of the wallets. So that could be the CCP, the Central Banks . . . no one knows.
    As to the "anonymity" of bitcoins, that's a joke. In the future all some government has to do is link (via surveillance data and business transactions – cameras for example) ONE transaction you do with Bitcoin and they will have your wallet address and can then search out every single transaction you've engaged in. (Link in reply)

  6. Avatar
    RiffRaff says:

    Backed by gold? How? Who would you trust to hold the gold? Who would audit the gold? How often would it be audited? Would you believe the auditors? Could the Gov confiscate the gold? No, gold backing is over, there is no way gold can be trusted when it's in someone else's hands. Bitcoin no trust needed, gold in hand no trust needed, silver in hand no trust needed. Trust is OVER.

  7. Avatar
    Lili Robin says:

    Wiping out the middle class has been planned long ago. They (NWO) want a two-tiered society. The rich who are happy with they way things are and the very poor who are dependent on the government and don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.
    Fracking was done to poison the aquifers. Fracking has never been profitable, costs more money than it generates.

  8. Avatar
    James says:

    I like Michael and he knows what he is talking about. I agree with what he said about how this will happen…. my issues or concern with having money in the markets is when the reset, many banks and companies closing down, governments intervention etc how can he be certain he will have access to his funds and client funds to move around like he wants and profit/ protect. I wish I had the confidence he does that he will be able to move around freely in this massive down trend and reset that is coming.

  9. Avatar
    Ralph Sawmine says:

    I saw Pento recently on Max Keiser and he was in disbelief of what Keiser was saying about how the Fed and the Central banksters around the world can keep this charade going. Pento is more of a realist who tells you what should be happening but really isn't happening because of all of the corruption and unnatural forces at work here. Old saying "Don't fight the Fed" has never been more true.

  10. Avatar
    bev lower says:

    Yes, MP, this "marriage" of crypto & "gold backing" for a government "currency" will most likely be where we go after "the crash" but, it will not be a "match made in heaven". oh no! "mark of the beast" "666" "social credit score" no one can buy or sell without the "mark" on them.

  11. Avatar
    keith knowlton says:

    Why would anyone what to play in the bankster Monopoly game?? You are only helping them, in your own demise. That's not worth it…. the smartest move is not to play the game. Silver, GOLD, tangible assets.

  12. Avatar
    Bárbara Herda says:

    Corporations ALREADY can NOT afford their debt, that’s why system crashed in Dec/18 , when Fed Res increasing interest rates in only baby steps. That’s why repo market going berserk right now & Fed Res asset sheet increasing significantly.

  13. Avatar
    Bárbara Herda says:

    OMGosh, such a great observation about cryptocurrency by Pento, that if cryptocurrencies want to be “regulated” to get “government approval”, you just defeated the whole point of cryptocurrency, to circumvent the central bank system & has have anonymity!!
    Central banks = central planning = communism/autocratic/monarchy
    Decentralization IS the future people, stay focused.

  14. Avatar
    jonathan goodman says:

    If Michael Pento is so smart, why does he parrot the patently false government statistics on inflation and unemployment?
    Surely he must be aware of the true statistics exposed by John Williams @
    Currently inflation is at 10% and unemployment is above 20%…hello?

  15. Avatar
    Sage & Fool says:

    25% of all companies in the S&P 500 are zombie companies who do not have the revenue to pay the interest on their debt, so they have to continually borrow to pay the interest. Someone should publish a list of these companies by name. This way people employed by those companies are given a heads up that they're in a VERY precarious position.


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