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48 replies
  1. Avatar
    Corey Hulen says:

    business wont be good when trump puts America in rescission i also notice the fake Jesus behind you being portrayed white is as bad as worshiping a false idol maybe you idiots should get the bunkers ready since trump is selling America out to Russia,china,north Korea, and others

  2. Avatar
    DL Construction says:

    I will now unsubscribe from your channel now and I have been a subscriber for a long time. It is are American right to support hew we want. So I will not support you👎🏼America has always been great and always will be. I am very disappointed in you your channel and business would do so much better if you didn’t do Dum ass political stuff u know what I mean good luck selling your over sized coffins ⚰️ Lame🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Avatar
    Charles Lewis says:

    Hi , I'm not sure if anyone has asked this question but I'll go ahead anyways. For elderly and disabled clients have you thought about adding an electric seat/hoist to elevate people in & out of the shelters?

  4. Avatar
    Garden Spider says:

    Knothings going to protect you from the heat, radiation, and compression of a nuclear blast. Especially if you can see the NUCLEAR CLOUD. Just sit there in your little play house. Say your final prayers and thank President Putin's pet monkey tRUMP for starting the war in the first place.

  5. Avatar
    Charles Bennett says:

    What happens in a grid down situation what powers the lights, what powers the water flow, and the airflow ? solar panels I presume, can you put out a video showing other installations of solar power Etc.

  6. Avatar
    jnelchef says:

    Add a simple HEPA filter into your air system for regular use. You already have the split hose for attaching to the NBC filter. Have a simple metal box that could handle a standard air filter for an HVAC system. Attach the hoses to the intake and outflow for this filter housing. This would keep dust, pollen and small bugs from coming into the shelter and would also be good enough for volcanic ash if Yellowstone goes boom. No sense in ruining the NBC filter for something like that. A simple, cheap and very useful addition.

  7. Avatar
    Sputnik-1 says:

    I wish these guys would talk prepping without all thier political bullshit being repped via clothes or rants or whatever. I hate Trump and the GOP and I hate the DNC and I don't want the guys I learn about prepping from to be Trumpists or DNC lovers. So… I'm out.

  8. Avatar
    Platin says:

    4:20 so people above the ground can smell your shit, trying to survive the apokalypse, meanwhile you are doing gang bang partys with some hot pussys in your private safe underground bunker… xD

  9. Avatar
    Folap says:

    Is it a good idea to politicize your videos by wearing the clothing that you are? As a good business man and concerned citizen I think you would not mind selling your products to people on either side of the crazy political environment we find ourselves in.

  10. Avatar
    Rich Perez says:

    I sent you a message about having a water filtration system in your bunkers. I am certified Water Distribution and Treatment operator. Not sure what this gentlemen is referring to when he mentions PPM. PPM of what?

    Is this guy a certified operator?

  11. Avatar
    ProjectNightingaleForResponsibleMedicine says:

    needs the carbon filter sections to be stepped from 1 micron down to <0.6 and then the RO needs to be a certain stable pressure and be run for a while to get to lower TDS/PPM levels. de-ionization will remove the stuff the RO filter cannot, like arsenic 3 and many other contaminants that the RO cannot filter.

    a large percolation filter with sand clay activated carbon or some other set of filtration media will ease the burden of this small filter system that would otherwise not last too long on tap well or gray water.

    gotta sort this stuff out.

  12. Avatar
    Moose says:

    What is the filtration measured in microns? It would be useful to have test data to show what is filtered and what is not filtered. you need a filter .2 mircos or less to filter viruses for example. The carbon filters should filter chemicals but test data would give specifics.

  13. Avatar
    josh richeson says:

    When I have enough money for a bunker, hopefully in the next 5 years I want you to add a second living Room so I can have pool table and other stuff and then have kitchen and beds in other one, what I would want you to do with the bunker is weld a short tunnel connected to another one and another air system if necessary then there would be a lot of concrete involved. You should try doing this for someone before me.

  14. Avatar
    Taylor Compton says:

    Hey Ron, This is cool but I feel like it would not be a good idea in a shelter unless you have to get nasty water, the ammount of waste cannot be tolerated. I have systems like this for my salt water aquarium and 75% of the water that passes through the system is lost. I would recommend bringing clean drinking water into the shelter and only use a filtration system like that one in the event you use up all your stored drinking water.

  15. Avatar
    halley0413 9837 says:

    You obviously care and that's what I love about you and your product. Your systems make all the sense too. Saw your airport video with the MAGA hat and I was really afraid that some woketard Bolshevik would try to harm you and I'm glad you are a huge guy. Just be careful Sir because it feels like there are so few of us walking around.


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