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21 replies
  1. Avatar
    MD Creekmore says:

    Centerfire rifle scope – Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, Black, 2.5-10×40 –

    .22 rifle scope – Nikon PROSTAFF RIMFIRE II 3-9X40 BDC150 –

    AR-15 red dot sight Holosun-


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  2. Avatar
    Nick 718 says:

    Having a lot of guns is cool if you have a place to bug in. But bugging out you only have 2 hands and I doubt people can carry every gun and all the ammo for it

  3. Avatar
    Joel Braswell says:

    MD, great vid! I really couldn't find anything to disagree with in this video, so you must be right! 🙂 On the handgun issue that MD referenced, a handgun is something you always have with you that allows you to fight your way back to your rifle. It's what you carry when you're not expecting trouble. If you are expecting trouble, don't go, or go heavy.

    IMO, first purchase if you don't own any firearms. Semi-auto 9mm handgun, Second purchase: a pistol training class. Perhaps even, better, rent a pistol and take a class to see what works and what you really like.

    12 ga shotgun (20 if you are small statured. A second barrel for slugs. I Agree w MD, the 870 is cheap, reliable and easy to work on, parts abound).

    22 LR (Ruger 10/22 w suppressor). Buy and practice with subsonic ammo. This is just about the only platform that really is "Hollywood" quiet. 22 LR suppressors are now in the $175-300 range, plus tax stamp. MD, once you squirrel hunt with a suppressed 22 you'll never go back!

    Scoped .308 bolt action rifle. Having iron back up sights is an excellent idea for your SHTF rifle. Look into Express sights, they are rugged and easy to see in poor lighting.

    AR15 5.556×54. You MUST have back up iron sights. I'd feel much better about topping my carbine with a budget or reasonably priced red dot optic/scope if I also had decent back up sights on it. Otherwise you are almost forced to spend a small fortune on super high quality optics. But no matter how robust they are, optics can and do go down. Don't be solely dependent on them. If you desire, there are numerous calibers available for the AR. All you need is an upper in your new caliber, and perhaps a different magazine. They are like Legos, things easily snap on and off them. Get a second hunting caliber upper for your AR. The more you use it in different settings the better you will get with it. You'll also learn that you don't need or want half the tacti-cool stuff that's on the market. Later, a basic second lower is often less than $200 and you'll have a second rifle.

    Get a QUALITY holster or sling for every weapon.

    Extra mags, cleaning kits, small parts kit, for all.

    Miscellaneous: Good flashlights, at least one of which will mount to your weapons. I like buying multiples of the same thing so I can scavenge parts. Regular cheap ear plugs and safety glasses. I like the ear plugs that have the valve in them to deaden loud noises, but they allow you to hear other noises okay. If you are in a fire fight, especially indoors, you'll be deafened and unable to communicate with your partners without ear protection. Electronic hearing protection that automatically deadens loud noises is also nice, especially when you hear a bump in the night. You can turn up the volume to hear faint noises, it's like having bionic hearing. A suppressor for your .308. A suppressor will quieten the sound of the shot somewhat, but not like they show in Hollywood. However, it makes it harder to pin point where the shot came from, and it also hides your muzzle flash in dim light. Quality folding knife. Pepper spray. Pepper spray allows you a non lethal option. Even after the SHTF, you can't wack every obnoxious person you encounter.

  4. Avatar
    Joe Guzman says:

    I wish you were my son I'm sure your parents are very proud of you , I'm an old fart but I'm in the process of retiring and I'll be living off the grid , God bless you .

  5. Avatar
    Modern Woodsman says:

    Consider high payoff weapons.

    Some examples;
    1. 9mm, ammo stocked by the government in the millions.

    2. Hand gun/long gun of same caliber.
    (a. Revolver/ Lever Action that shoots both .38 special & .357)

    (b. Taurus Judge, pistol, and Circuit Judge, rifle, shoot 410 shotgun and .45Long Cult)

    (c. Semi Auto pistols and Semi Auto Carbines that can use the exact same magazines).

    (d. Guns that share parts or ammo types of others in your community).

  6. Avatar
    William Buchanan says:

    Good video …. As I have stated many times on YouTube, if actual SHTF happened in America, who would care about " rule of law"? So defend you and your love ones by any means necessary.
    Learn from Sasquatch – get out of the cities and head for the deep woods. Keep Silent! Learn to fish and use a bow. If you move, go slow and use cover. When you crap, dig a hole and cover. Build small concealed fires. Etc…
    Guns are cool. I love guns but I have thought on this for a long time. – Noise is your enemy and guns go BOOM! Don't attract attention to yourself unless you have too. Then let loose a horde of bullets. Kill the SOBs that would do you harm. Take their weapons and buildup your stockpile.
    The best thing you can do is use Subsonic rounds and learn to build a suppressor from household goods. You can easily hunt and defend yourself with subsonic rounds. Remember, less NOISE less ATTENTION! …. BECOME a Quiet Professional! … "Keep it Simple , Keep it Real"

  7. Avatar
    FPSGhost says:

    I really dont get why some people are making fun of the way this man talks or the squirrel thing, he seems far more intellectual and can survive way longer then the people leaving these dumbass comments. Personally, I just started prepping ,so I am in no way an expert on anything, but from a logical standpoint , I 100% agree with him. I rather stock up on food, water , and other resources, learn basic survival skills, and have a few weapons that I am comfortable with and know how to use, then have all these weapons and gear , but cant survive a day when something serious happens. Great video sir, no BS, stright to the point and very informative.

  8. Avatar
    olysean92 says:

    I totally agree with your list, and the priority you've listed them. I would suggest owning a 7.62×39 upper in addition to the .223/5.56 upper in case you need to get by with a scavenged ammo supply.

  9. Avatar
    Michael Venia says:

    Either the Thompson sub machine gun or the 9mm carbine with a scope can handle any threat within 200 yards and both have high capacity mags. FMJ bullets are cheap and kill just fine. If you got them then all you need is a good revolver, .357 or .44 Magnum for daily carry. No need to a whole bunch of guns. Just one for close range and one for medium to long range. Nobody talks about setting effective cover to fire from. It is very important to not get shot.

  10. Avatar
    John Nicodemus says:

    All I hear in these prepping videos is defense, defense, defense and that is important. No where do I hear offensive weapons and tactics. Why? I live way out in the sticks, with lots of acres, so it will be a while before the urban and suburban mobs get out to where I and my family are. But suffer no Illusions, when they do come out here, they will be stopped a damn long way out. My kids and I will be watching 24/7/365. By kids I mean our grown, well trained, now former military children. I have no intention of waiting until these people are within shotgun or pistol range, that's just stupid. When a pack of fools, suddenly start getting turned into red jello 10 or more seconds before they hear the report and another and another, they will be running back they way them came. The advantage is after all their loses ,they still won't know where it came from. Large caliber semi auto rifles have a purpose and making bad guys go splash at very long distances is what they do best. If you haven't doubled your ammo stock pile, I suggest you do so before the 2020 election. What we have we worked hard for, I will not surrender it to any bunch of entitled, dependent, douche bags. And as far as U.N troops I keep hearing about, I love a target rich environment and blue hats make high viz targets and so do their white vehicles.

  11. Avatar
    Durty May says:

    Good video that included the reasoning for your selections. For a sidearm I'd go with a revolver (.357 or .44) would be my choice. As for the AR15 I'll pass and instead go with the AK47 European built heavier but deadlier.


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