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    Will Patriot says:

    Brother- I could not agree with you more on ALL of this.
    I have been saying for months, that we will become the New "Witches"… That we will be Hunted…

    Sure looks pretty apparent to me, that's what's coming.
    BTW- I love that song by Bon Jovi "Blaze of Glory" 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪👊

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    NightShadeFern says:

    Loose lips sink ships.
    Now might be a really good time to think about a longer term picture; get some chickens, plant a garden, tarp over areas you might later expand a garden into, rain water collection, etc. I am seeing most “long term” foods wiped off the shelves- flour sugar yeast canned meats salt etc where as junk foods are still pretty well stocked which indicates that people are sorta looking ahead. But if things do go truly long term, there won’t be anyplace to buy seeds or chickens or chicken feed.
    We’re on a new homestead, offgrid, still building the house. Not very prepared at the moment so its been a scramble to cover as many bases as possible. But hey, at least we don’t have to worry about the gov taking our stockpile. There isn’t one!

  3. Avatar
    Travis forsythe says:

    Let me to explain something to some of you , whether you agree with me or not is beside the point, because reality will still remain in place either way. This is the reality. When you bought your gun/guns, and ammo, if you had half a brain ,you should have known your limitations as to what that gun could and would be used for. AT BEST your gun is good for fending off the average public if the average public is attempting to harm you, your family, or take your property, but to you who think you will take on the military with your little 9mm or AR-15 , Or your 50 caliber sniper rifle or even if you have a tank. YOU have another thing coming. They will destroy your ASS!, and not even blink. This is what these people do, backed up by as many resources as they need that include some of the most technologically advanced weapon systems in the world that use GPS positioning systems that see in the dark … see through walls and execute pin point precision shots from miles away by land,,, by air,,, by sea,,,, and stealth unmanned drones with the absolute most advanced heat signature detection you can imagine…. This is NOT 1876 where they come with muskets and they have no access to bigger guns… Whatever you think you have …They have one bigger, better, and a 1000 of them. Stop sounding so ignorant by saying you'll shoot them and they will magically run away… Your weapons are to protect you and your family and your property from the average peer on the street whos trying to take what you have or hurt you… Your puny little weapons ARE NOT to take on the military. All you will get in return for doing that is vaporized in the blink of an eye. That is the reality of that.END OF STORY!.. Disagree Mr, Hero all you want, but the end game will still be the same for you… Start thinking smart and figure ways out to hide things in plain site if you don't want them to take your supplies… Be creative and create spaces that appear to be part of the house but really are hollow for hiding things… Think about places NO one would ever look… Keep a small amount of food in a box they can find and ask them to please not take it … that it's all you have and be convincing…I could go on and on with what you need to do but if this is too long …. No one will read it.


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