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    zacklyne arteaga says:

    Ty Angry Prepper. I don't understand the milk, eggs and bread limits at the store. One would think that the transfer of schools and businesses that make up using the items would be transferred to people in SIP. Maybe. Some dumpage but not that much. Milk would still be drank by kids at home. Eggs that restaurants use would still be used at home. Same idea of transfer applies to bread and toilet paper. Pretty much anything these businesses or institutions used would be transferred in near same usage to SIP residents. So why the limit to one per person? How can i send you my photos to share with you?

  2. Avatar
    Raymond Stebbins says:

    We're lucky here at this point but living on a island always aware of possible food shortages with shipping and all glad u corrected that sit on the meat thing might have stopped subbing stay safe ❤️🇺🇸

  3. Avatar
    Merlin Wizard says:

    The low information voters are beginning to realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They're like that guy that buys a generator after the tornado, uses it for a week, then puts it in the shed and forgets about it until the next tornado comes through. He then is perplexed when it doesn't work.

  4. Avatar
    Red 92 says:

    We got a low population in Ireland but I fine if you stay out of the big towns or city’s and the big supermarkets and go to smaller ones they have them will stocked up here anyway but ever were is different

  5. Avatar
    Donna Sensinger says:


  6. Avatar
    AffordableREI says:

    As we speak, I am dehydrating all the frozen foos in my freezer – it's to make room for the meats I purchased. There is a food shortage coming, so I want to be full meats we cant get this summer.

    I also joined a veggie farm csa (community supported agriculture) share and a meat share of local farms, split between my husband and I. Looking at a milk share.

  7. Avatar
    Joe Grunt says:

    Sit on my meat… bwahahaaha I almost choked on my Guinness… which actually sounds pretty funny too lmao. Just hanging out choking my Guinness – nothing to see here

  8. Avatar
    Kanzee says:

    this pandemic is a long one…makes one think about What's happening behind the Government Curtain (aka Secret Agenda??)
    Totally agree with you , about being consistent and not complacent with one's preps.
    There are still supplies in the stores…best to use 40% of your money, in stocking up your supplies, food, etc…60% on bills . It's what I am doing.

  9. Avatar
    Richardj The Observer says:

    Hey people,
    If you see someone who needs help in your neighbourhood reach and give them a hand. If they hungry if you can afford it feed them even if morale support.

    “Be Kind”
    Anthony Bourdain


  10. Avatar
    Charlene Archuleta says:

    There is a really informative YouTube channel that has detailed directions on how to can meat 🍖 it is called Guildbrook Farm. I found their content filled with great information. Thank you very much for keeping the the public informed on how to prepare for the possibilities of what we could be facing.

  11. Avatar
    Mike Warenda says:

    lol if you get real hungry and have a fishing pole but the fish are not biting you can use the pole to catch birds, Take a 3 way hook off any lure and attach to string place hook on ground put bread or bait on the ground and when the birds land yank and you will have a bird on. Trust me it works like a charm. I have done this a lot when I was young. tons of pigons in NYC. skills to feed yourself might come in handy soon. I would learn some skills and get the hell out of that city.

  12. Avatar
    Data Junkie says:

    Good points. Milk producers need some of their refrigerator trucks back. Also food banks are now competing with wholesalers that supply our grocery stores. One in San Diego iirc was just interviewed saying he bought $1.6 million directly for his last giveaway. This will make it even more difficult for affordable goods to reach commercial shelves. He blames a fall in items donated coupled with the staggering increase in clients requesting food from him.

  13. Avatar
    Noel Farris says:

    The market is bouncing up because government stimulus and new people thinking it’ll end soon. We’re already in a recession we’re gonna go into a depression (and we should pray it doesn’t collapse). So pandemic, depression, and probably a war (cause That’s a government favorite to get out of a depression)

  14. Avatar
    6laderunner says:

    The meat industry is warning of a shortage soon… heed it. Where I am, meat is still readily available in lots of grocery stores because they're limiting purchases for each person (a great practice right now).

  15. Avatar
    JKay11235 says:

    We aren't gonna do this lockdown for a year. Not even 6 months. In about 2 months, people are gonna crack. People are gonna run out of money. Frustrated people are gonna demand things be reopened and gonna view deaths as acceptable losses and a risk they're willing to take. If the government doesn't want to reopen. People are gonna riot. RIOT. People aren't gonna take it for more than another 2 months, TOPS.


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