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A quick vid of a pretty amazing deal I picked up at a local thrift store. With just a little cleaning and a few fixes its as good as new! If you are a prepper on a budget …
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  1. Avatar
    Grizzlytaco says:

    Great find George! 3 bucks, thats a steal! I like your fix of the leaking cap! Are there thrifty stores there in Pahrump! I love thrifty stores! Thanks for sharing my Friend!

  2. Avatar
    jchiliw says:

    i found a like new canteen cup in a pawnshop for $5,i like the old style handles
    i think the original gasket on the canteen lid was cork
    do a search on youtube for "canteen cup tuesday"

  3. Avatar
    dcox01 says:

    You can still get the cork seals for the canteen cap. Check your local surplus places or Ebay. That canteen cup is in great shape. I've had mine for 20 something years. they last forever,  That is a really great find.

  4. Avatar
    Say When says:

    WOW!!!! ..  what a incredible find,  Congrats! .. A just found a pair of almost BRAND New ARIATA Waterproof  Hiking Boots that retail for $119.95 at a garage sale for $2.

  5. Avatar
    Tony Navarro says:

    Nice military canteen ! Use salt and very hot water and a small piece of chain , it will clean out the inside without damaging it! Great find & great video! Thanks 🙏

  6. Avatar
    uscgalpha91 says:

    Congradulations. great find. I find the US Army canteen pouches at Goodwill all the time. I bought 4 surplus new plastic canteens for $2.99 each. I like your cup with the bar handle.
    Spot on with you thrift store comments for gear. My rain tarp was a rain fly off of a 4 man tent that was missing poles. I paid 1.99 and threw away the tent. I got USGI ponchos, wool blankets, poncho liners, alice packs and webs belt for almost nothing. I like the Woodland pattern . I use a GI shovel carrier as a holster for my Glock 22.

  7. Avatar
    Matt K says:

    Hey man, I use to have one of those as a boy. They used cork as the gasket for the screw lid. You should be able to find a rubber gasket at the local Ace store (they typically have a lot of small parts and will really try to help you find what you need), or you can create one using RV Blue that you can get from a local auto store. Nice find by the way. 🙂

  8. Avatar
    JHAYKHAY25 says:

    Nice find, the reenacting crowd pay good money for things with a WW2 date stamp, but many 1945 marked items went to Korea not WW2 as they didn't have time to be issued. I think that might be the original cup, they later changed to butterfly handles some time during Vietnam. I usually use rubber/plastic plumbing washers to sort out leaky tops on canteens as they're food grade and won't perish and get in your water. Great find!

  9. Avatar
    C Nelson says:

    I have one of those from 1945 also. The cap had a piece of cork that was painted black as the gasket , but the paint was chipping. All I did was cut a new one from a wine bottle cork and it works great!

  10. Avatar
    Spanky Harland says:

    nice find- those old WW2 canteen kits work fine, tried and tested. The nice thing about those particular canteens is that if you are traveling in hot climates, you can soak the inside of the canteen cover- and slip the canteen in it, that will keep the canteen cool- but if the insulation is ripped out…..may not work too well.


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