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This video deals with the Top 10 Group Rules For After SHTF. This was a collaborative effort with the two channels below so make sure to check them out as well …
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27 replies
  1. Avatar
    Acer Rubrum says:

    Isn't it going to be a no government, libertarian, utopia?
    just funnin
    Salvage : the act of saving or rescuing abandoned goods in danger of being imperiled
    from loss or destruction.
    :To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use.
    : to save or rescue (goods or property)

  2. Avatar
    RealNewsChannel says:

    Yours was the best video by far. You provided exceptionally good context. Your ground rules were well thought out. I particularly like the check and balance you put on the group leader. No group leader should have absolute power in every situation except during an instance of clear and present danger.

    Where I have a minor disagreement is how you'd 86 somebody from the group and tell them once they're out they can never come back. Yes, in some cases that'll be necessary; however, I think you recognize not all cases would be the same. For example, I've fired people, most never came back, but a few rejoined my company after they made positive changes. And they turned out to be excellent people. What you might want to tell some people, instead, is that if they leave they can't return unless they pass a unanimous vote — including yours.

    Again, excellent video. I was really impressed.

  3. Avatar
    Ravensthrone Hellwinds says:

    I do like this set of group rules but the first rule should be re-worded as not all of any given group members may not be christian. Some could be catholic,Jewish,Hindu or other. I say this so that it does not cause religious arguements as that would be very bad within any prepper group and especally after shit hits the fan.

  4. Avatar
    Jeff Cooper says:

    Thanks J.J. great topic. Most preppers I meet have never asked themselves the tougher questions like "Could I turn away my neighbor if he were hungry?" or "How does a group handle 'the pregnant woman with two kids' coming to the gate for food?". Another version might be, "What if neighbors show up and kids within the group insist on letting them in? " Are they turned away? If not, what if they are being glassed and more people show up afterwards? If they are taken in how will they assist the group? What if they were sent by a gang to bring back intelligence info? If they are sick, they could be quarantined, but what if they are too sick to go? I'm sure there are others but I think that is enough to get the ball rolling.

  5. Avatar
    Derik Card says:

    This is why I'll likely be leading/teaching an anarcho-capitalist group. Do whatever you want. We only need 3 laws. #1 do not harm anyone. #2 do not damage anyone's property. #3 do not violate anyone's rights. Simle, easy to remember, and fair to everyone. If we must have 10
    1)You shall have no other Gods but me.
    2)You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.
    3)You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
    4)You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
    5)Respect your father and mother.
    6)You must not commit murder.
    7)You must not commit adultery.
    8)You must not steal.
    9)You must not give false evidence against your neighbour.
    10)You must not be envious of your neighbour's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.

  6. Avatar
    Huples Cat EPL says:

    "…one thing that strikes me about this trifecta subject is so many preppers say "no Government!" yet is not community rules the
    first start of new Government? The other issue is justice and crime. They break a rule then what? I think we know what but rules will be broken."
    Asked this on Che's as well. Wow major thumbs down. You must be talking sense to the senseless again 🙂 Here's my thoughts on the vid:
    2. Protect innocent life if it is safe to do so unless it is family. Good rule of yours but I am not Judge Dredd
    6. No one leaves the preset safe zone for any reason unless the Council has authorized. Security Team excepted. Parents responsible to enforce this for their children. I want this firmer than yours. No one wanders outside at will at all until well past the event
    8. Once in no one leaves unless the Council agrees. Once in all stores are communal. If safe for the group to leave and you want to leave we negotiate the stuff you can take. Sorry but if they brought and want to take the only Berkey they get not to leave with it. That said I'd let them back in depending on who they are, why they left, and what happened to them. Family splits because Dad is an a hole (why let him in the first place?). Wife and kids show up a week later in distress. I'm not shooting them to stop them returning. The opsec thing is a Council issue and a set rule either way is too inflexible

    Good one but the one leader things is pants. Sorry JJ but it is. 3-4 joint leaders with specialties and skills. They are the one ruler. That said everyone over the age of 12 works hard and votes on stuff they can vote on. All votes are advisory as the Council has ultimate authority. Set up to allow numbers growth once safe. One leader to rule us all and in the darkness bind us. Nope. Democracy forces leaders to listen to the people. We need to understand we are building a society not a military junta. In a threat the Security Boss rules all. All societies have found limiting military and/or police power is a good thing most of the time for the community. One person cannot lead and decide all issues anyhow. Inefficient. Gardener rules the farm squad, etc.

    I'd add in "Everyone has to cross train one day a week. Everyone"

  7. Avatar
    Clint Carpentier says:

    Provably false accuser get the same punishment the falsely accused would have gotten!


    If the community has agreed that rapists hang/shot/etc, the false accuser will hang in the place of the false rapist. No if's and's or but's, full stop!

  8. Avatar
    David Eubanks says:

    You definitely have a good list i saw thr others i feel you may have put more thought in what the rules are encompassing they have good rules but i feel your list is more effective and logical still a good group project for you guys looking forward to hearing the rest

  9. Avatar
    wjf213 says:

    What is your opinion or thoughts about one person in a group who's, WILLINGLY, funding say 90% or better of everything for the whole group, but in all fairness, the others are doing the best they can with what they have? We're talking high six figures here for the group. Should that persons voice carry more weight…within reason of course. I mean no one is playing Cesar and demanding the wives of others to go to his bedroom, but I'm guessing it's a pretty safe bet that he's NEVER going to do dishes after a meal either if you know what I mean. haha Keep up the great work.

  10. Avatar
    Xzerkces says:

    I don't like the golden rule because I have seen plenty of people use it to excuse bad behavior toward individuals. "Well if I was acting as ignorant as Joe, I would want someone to kick my ass and straighten me out."For this reason, I prefer the platinum rule, "Do unto others as they wish done unto them."Also, rule two is pretty vague. "Innocent" is wide open to interpretation when people are in disagreement.

  11. Avatar
    Jungle Jim says:

    Good list. Rule 11A…if you want to let them in YOU feed them!

    The background you provide sets the stage for circumstances rather nicely. The only Democracy is the ability to vote with their feet and leave.

  12. Avatar
    Erin K Stocco says:

    The golden rule still applies on shtf situation, whoever has the gold rules. And in this scenario most likely be the one who owns the land.
    In normal situations you can’t trust nobody, on shtf situation is even worse, you bring them you feed them. Kept in mind if the cane to your group maybe because they weren’t prepare for it so they better have some skills or at least good attitude.
    Every member of the group should be able to carry their own weight (No slackers) that’s what took us to this reality in the first place (Freeloaders) , if is a blood related individual it is what is it.
    Any other member in the group should be on probation for at least 7 days at minimum. And if your are gone you are gone, just like any other job in our society.
    If someone has a disability they can help watching the community like a guard or chopping veggies in the kitchen there are 1000 ways to help.
    Look how Germany and Japón went back on their feet’s after war. If you don’t do your share you don’t get to eat.
    It may sound cruel but that’s the only way to thrive as a group

  13. Avatar
    Ken Fannin says:

    Chat question. I say this a lot (I realize it is personal preference) but I’m not convinced that plates are such a good idea. People die all the time wearing plates. Sure they might give you an extra advantage but I believe there are three things that must be considered:
    1) There is a choice. Will the extra weight you carry be taken up by plates or extra ammo, food and /or water. I plan on carrying extra ammo and water (one standard plate weighs ten pounds, a gallon of water weighs eight). If you’ve never seen a dude do a face plant from heat exhaustion/stroke you will never understand how important water is.
    2) plates are great if you have the medical support (medivac, surgeons, etc) available in a timely manner. What if you don’t?
    3) should you be worrying about buying plates when you don’t have all the stuff you need (food, water filter, rechargeable batteries, solar panel, radios, etc). Good light weight plates that can withstand multiple hits cost about $800.

  14. Avatar
    Fun On Vancouver Island says:

    So did I miss something or did you actually say that the final decision rests with a single person?? Unless it involves the life of a person. Putting all the weight on one person is insane in my opinion.. to much to ask of any man or woman.

  15. Avatar
    Milly Delgado says:

    Hello any prepper there ? Is hard to trust but i want to try I benn prepper for long time ago but i want a group to help each other prepping this is seriously for us. In kansas around Wichita if u from there and want to try send me a email…


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