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36 replies
  1. Avatar
    Ron Midwest says:

    I am not anit-gun, but before you buy a SHTF gun, buy a grain grinder. Illinois alone produces 14 billion bushels of corn a year. Those grain elevators you see from the interstate are full of corn and soybeans. There are 12 million residents in Illinois, so that equates to 11, 000 bushels of corn meal mush per person. You can't possibly eat that much corn meal mush in ten years. So buy a gun, and buy a corn grinder. Feed your neighbor instead of shooting him. There is plenty for everyone. And I haven't even included soybeans.

  2. Avatar
    Tony Ashford says:

    If I could have only 5 they would be a AK47 because of the availablety to get ammonia of the dead, a AR15 for the same reason, and for a handgun a 9 mm not because I like them but again the ease of ammo, and always a 22 rifle, for ease of fire and it’s easy to quite down, personally I would also have a 45 acp

  3. Avatar
    Modern Woodsman says:

    Consider high payoff weapons.

    Some examples;
    1. 9mm, ammo stocked by the government in the millions.

    2. Hand gun/long gun of same caliber.
    (a. Revolver/ Lever Action that shoots both .38 special & .357)

    (b. Taurus Judge, pistol, and Circuit Judge, rifle, shoot 410 shotgun and .45Long Cult)

    (c. Semi Auto pistols and Semi Auto Carbines that can use the exact same magazines).

    (d. Guns that share parts or ammo types of others in your community).

  4. Avatar
    Dnomse Reldas says:

    M1 Carbine should be on this list…..SKS is EASIER to load, and load rapidly, than is just about any other rifle out there…..And the 7,62 X 39 round is superior to the 5.56 or .223 round…..AND, in a real bad situation, how many 300 yard shots are going to be taken. or any longer?  Not realistic…..if you have to shoot far, you don't want a little bitty lead out there, you want a real slug at 120 grains or more!

  5. Avatar
    n A says:

    This idiot said antifa as a threat. This is what happens when you rely on watching FOX "news" for "information". Really?? With all the real threats out there??

  6. Avatar
    William Buchanan says:

    Again, as I have stated many times, if a SHTF situation actually happens, NOISE is your enemy. You don't want to be noticed. A AR pistol shooting a subsonic round with a suppressor is the best option. Get out of the cities, go the deep woods, fish and use a bow. Don't move much and keep silent. Don't draw attention to yourself. Guns go Boom! If you NEED to use a gun to hunt then suppress it and use subsonic rounds. … BECOME a Quiet Professional! .. but then, if you are attacked, use whatever you can to defend yourself.. "Keep it Simple , Keep it Real"

  7. Avatar
    Eugenus Maximus says:

    I like your videos, thank you for them. But if you think “antifa” poses a greater danger than right wing militia groups, neo-nazis and the dozens of right wing assholes that have MURDERED American civilians in the past 20 years on our own soil (has “antifa” shot up any churches? Synagogues? Mosques? Federal buildings?), you are sadly deluded. Peace out.

  8. Avatar
    Michael Venia says:

    Thinking about getting the Thompson sub machine gun. Gots plenty of rounds, plenty of punch as shown in WWII. Already gots the Ruger 9mm Carbine due to tests shown by Iraq8888 videos so I will be good for under 100 yards. Not sure if one needs a longer range rifle because I find it hard to see shooting out to 800 yards as a defensive measure. Both the 9mm and the .45acp fmj's are cheap and plenty. Definately need a scope on the Carbine as it can reach out to 400 yards. Thanks for the info.

  9. Avatar
    sean white says:

    My top 5 in no particular order
    1. Glock 17 , 19 , or 34..
    2. 22/45 MK IV Lite 4.4"..
    3. 10/22 Heavy ..
    4. AR15 (Personally if I could only grab one AR . It would be my 12.5 with TR24R 1-4×)..
    5. Pump Action 12Ga ..

  10. Avatar
    Mark Puleo says:

    Perfect list. Matches Mine with one exception. rimfire for small game. .22 or .17. Cheap and could feed you without blowing half your game away. Other than that I'm good to go with this list.

  11. Avatar
    The PNW Rider says:

    People love these types of videos and they are a lot of fun. IMO it’s all about redundancy in type and caliber. That’s one reason pistol caliber carbines are a good choice. I’d go with a 357 revolver ( can use 38 special ) a glock 23 40 and a 9mm conversion barrel foe a 100 or so more.

    The AK is ideal accurate enough and just open both up and look at how much simplistic the AK is equating to less chance things can go wrong. If you have the various type of misfeeds there is only two options. Pull the bolt back and drop the mag. If that fails open the dust cover. That it.

    The other is the AR for versatility and accuracy. Easy to shoot and reliable. The other thing I like is the ability to drop in a 22 conversion kit and you can shoot 22 LR without issues. A few hundred gets another upper in many caliber choices.

    Shot guns are fine I prefer the 20 gauge but if you can’t get both the 12 is more popular.

    I look at versatility and adaptability as my top choices. All but the AK and the shotgun can fire other cartridges with some aftermarket accessories doubling your flexibility

  12. Avatar
    Liederlover Van Zandt says:

    WIKIPEDIA: My wife and I have visited Paris, Normandy, Alsace and Provence during different visits.
    Your English is tres bien/excellent, and thank you for the interesting description. You could join a polite gun website, TheHighRoad, and start a topic on France's gun laws.

    A guy on "THR", who lives in the Czech Republic explains the Czech Parliament's struggles (more like real battles) with the arrogant EU bureaucrats as the Czechs fight for their gun laws.
    Regular CZ citizens can acquire the handgun carry permit without too much difficulty.

    Are your AR-15s (or other semi-auto rifles) allowed in the semi-auto versions?
    Are handguns required to be stored at a gun club or range? Au 'revoir.


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