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    Roger Williams says:

    A high lift Jack and or a couple of come-along winches. I slid down a hill and pinned my truck up against a tree. So I anchored to a tree and hooked one winch in the front of the truck and one in the back. Jack up the front of the truck and winch the truck sideways off the jack and repeat in the back until the truck was away from the tree.

  2. Avatar
    Bear River Mama says:

    Lots of fellow Minnesotans commenting 😂 I live on the Minnesota/ Canadian border. Most people don't leave the house without the basics. Hats, boots, mitts, coat,…… we always bring a shovel, basic tools, a few snacks and a beverage. Do you have jumper cables or a jumper pack? I keep a canning jar with a pillar candle and matches in it. Tow straps, blankets. a little sand or cat litter can help in a slippery situation.

  3. Avatar
    bill thompson says:

    I have a solar charger for my phone,
    2 ga 25ft jumper cables
    Small ABC extinguisher
    Medium first aid kit / with eye wash.
    I don't go very far because I'm disabled and can't get around that much but in the winter I drive my 87 F250 4X4 460 built 5speed new tires. 20 ft 12,000# towstrap. I had my alternator upgraded so that it put out more voltage because I have an 8-foot Western Plow on the front of it. The truck gets crappy gas mileage but I hardly drive anywhere.

  4. Avatar
    bill thompson says:

    I live by a Fleet Farm they sell these long plastic things that you put under your tires for traction. I bought them for my brother-in-law because he don't drive too good. You put them under the tires and I guess they really help.

  5. Avatar
    Mr. Humility says:

    The majority of these items should be kept in your "get home" or bugout bag. And I would also add some alternate form of communication such as a CB or HAM radio. Whether you're licensed or not, I think all of us can agree that a potential fine is a small price to pay for a life saving tool. And remember, a bag full of supplies does you no good if it's not where you are. KEEP IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, your bag should never be more than a 5 minute walk from where you are (yes I do practice what I preach)

  6. Avatar
    Gary Smith says:

    Having blankets in the car can help you stay warm, also, some gas line antifreeze, preferably you put that in the tank when you fill up, but it can still work if the gas gets moisture in it later. Also, being alcohol based it's flammable, it can help start a fire as well.


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