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  1. Avatar
    john luis says:

    I just joined a archery club yesterday because unfortunately I live in the Bronx, new york and the 2nd amendment of the constitution doesn't exist in this GOD forsaken place! 🖒🖒

  2. Avatar
    slaphappy2525 says:

    Don't forget vice items for bartering!!! Hard Candy, whiskey, and cigars when properly stored can save your bacon in SHTF scenario… ask a smoker whether they want gold or tobacco in an emergency… just make sure candy is hard and individually wrapped, whiskey kept in unopened glass then stored in tins, and cigars in a humidor… Live Free or Die!!!

  3. Avatar
    NPC #52700000389 says:

    I would add sptoutable grains to the list of foods. One can survive on sprouts for a long time. Very small amount is needed vs canned foods. Plus think about nutritional value of sprouts and whole foods such as seeds and nuts vs processed foods.

  4. Avatar
    James Fleming says:

    Good basic stuff. And TheHORNETreturns is spot on too…PRACTICE!!! Use the equipment and eat the food; you have to rotate it anyway. Use your emergency lighting and secure your windows and go outside at night and see if it works. And grow your preps incrementally.

  5. Avatar
    Jordan Yang says:

    Just bought my 2nd 55 gallon water drum with the black friday deal and amazon coupon for $20 bucks. Now I have 110 gallons of water for my family of four, and should last a month I think.

  6. Avatar
    Mark C says:

    Suggestion bug out bag just in case you have to leave always keep it in the ready also good pair of leather work gloves boots and a way to filter air not necessarily a gas mask bandana or simple dust mask

  7. Avatar
    Christopher Ellis says:

    Extra TP, but the toilet won't flush? TP is not as useful as water and soap. ☆ extra blankets are better than heating. ☆ knowing the layout of the surroundings is the first thing to do, not the last. It should be done before signing the lease.

  8. Avatar
    Roger Rennenger says:

    i like the simplicity of this particular list. it's very relevant to me, and it's a great reminder. it's easy to stop thinking about the possibility of an emergency and easier still to forget about the expiry dates in storage. thanks PU

  9. Avatar
    DB Cooper says:

    I can tell by your backdrop and the color of your hair that you have no experience at what your telling us to do. Lol I still laugh at that video you did. How stupid can people be. Thanks again for your videos bud.

  10. Avatar
    Maggi Gs says:

    living in florida it is mostly hot so no need for winter preps. i live in a large city but we have our electric go out 3-4 times a year because of storms and such. i have gotten to practice life with no electric 3 times so far this year and it was an interesting experience. i was not as ready as i thought the first time. now i have better plans. thanks for all the great vids.

  11. Avatar
    Christian Freund says:

    I would like to add that it is also very good to make a plan like:"what stuff do I need for 3 weeks" or "now that I have the stuff how and what do I pack into a backpack when necessary". Starting to prepare yourself to bug in should not lead to being a messy. Better start with a simple and small goal that you can reach fast and when you have that full cover of 2-3 weeks first improve your skills, fitness and health before buying more stuff.
    It is really better to stay prepared for 2 weeks than getting overwhelmed and disappointed and then cancelling the whole idea.

  12. Avatar
    Robert Forester says:

    I know there are people who have to live in town for various reasons but as a serious prepper people should atleast get a house if at all possible because even a small house more often than not has more room for supplies. And strategically speaking in most situations a house is more easily defended, fortified, and evacuated.

  13. Avatar
    Incurable Romanticist says:

    Best prepper program I've seen so far. You covered all the real stuff, and made it easy. I have already started, so I know this is good.

    Awesome about the bag for the tub! No one else has mentioned it. First thing next paycheck.

    Many thanks.

  14. Avatar
    Frankie M says:

    For those that are remodeling or just moving into new diggs or its time for an update. Consider getting furniture with storage built in. Not only will it be useful for daily routine but you can also use as a concealed stash spot. A bed with drawers, coffee table with flip top, ottoman with hollow interior, shop around since some of these things are "designer" and are marked up so you might find an identical item for less. Also look for loose floorboards or fixtures you can potentially expand to fit high value/use items. The best place to conceal things is in plain sight.

  15. Avatar
    PrimeMover says:

    @1:57 get the condensed toilet paper tabs. You can buy them on Amazon. Tougher than paper towels or TP but most importantly they take up alot less space. You only need a small amount if water to expand them. Great space saver. I have several thousand of them and they're close in price to regular paper towels.

  16. Avatar
    Loner says:

    during a fallout and your in your house, is it safe to take your gas mask off and drink from your bottle water…….or should you drink from your gas mask straw(ONLY)

  17. Avatar
    Rider of A Pale Horse says:

    I would like to add some information on storing water. If you drink any thing that comes in a resealable plastic bottle. Clean that bottle with hot water and then refill the bottle with hot tap water. The reasons are simple. 1. A 5 gallon container of water is very heavy. Small containers are easy to move. 2. If your water goes bad you will only loose a small amount. Not a huge amount. 3. The container cost you nothing. 4. It becomes a item to barter with. 5 The ease of storage. 6. Smaller containers come in shipping boxes. A product to ease storage if you have the room. Many stores will just give them to you for the asking. 7. The ease of knowing you back up water inventory. I store 1 and 1/2 gallons per day for the wife, the pets and myself. At this time I have a 18 day supply and I will go to a 30 day supply plus.

  18. Avatar
    RonJohn63 says:

    If you've bugged in (like we did before Katrina) and then decide to bug out (the day before Katrina) you've been planning. ("What if we have to leave?") Thus, a BOB is not needed.

  19. Avatar
    MJ S says:

    Great information here thanks! Some additional thoughts regarding apartment maintenance personnel:

    They have access to your apartment and if doing maintenance in your unit, might be able to see what and how much supplies you have especially if kept in the washer dryer room or where the hvac or breaker panel is located. May be good idea to put items out of sight when they are scheduled to come inside to do maintenance.

    Lock changes, as mentioned, would be good after it's been determined, an emergency has commenced. In usual times, one may violate the lease terms by swapping the locks.

    Looking as if you are unprepared to the maintenance personnel may head off future break in attempts somewhat during desperate times.

  20. Avatar
    S. A. says:

    Came across your channel. Best prep channel! I’ve been looking for prepping videos for those who live in major metropolitan areas. I live in NYC, and I have been a “prepper”by accident, thanks to Amazon Subscribe and Save! There are many things that we can’t do in cities that you can in the suburbs or rural areas. So, thank you for all this great video! Love your channel! The videos are short and sweet and have full of useful information.


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