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Dan de Vaul has taken in dozens of homeless people by building ramshackle, illegal housing on his ranch in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Some see him as a good Samaritan, but others consider the ranch to be a dangerous eyesore.

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U.S.: A Homemade Homeless Shelter –
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31 replies
  1. Avatar
    jeremyramone says:

    what a right honorable gentleman. this individual represents the pure beauty that humans can display and what he has done is a loving act of utter compassion. very rare these days and it gives one hope in the future of civilization as well as humanity. thanks for sharing this story, cheers

  2. Avatar
    January says:

    @FoodOrFail You are so right. I wish I had an E.U. passport so I could live in a country which takes care of its citizens and doesn't leave them in the street to rot.
    Health care is a HUMAN RIGHT.

  3. Avatar
    Doug Lundy says:

    if these workers were mexicans doing labor the courts would literally protect his operation, and if it were owned by Dole who has similar housing and occupancy on agricultural land, families with children..Dont look anywhwere in the Salinas valley to see high rates of occupancy on agricultural land..

    Can white people do that? Even if not mexicans wth corporate bullies for landlords??

  4. Avatar
    glen ca says:

    Hey Cristine, you listening? Shut the hell up!! Take your permits and shove them! Leave this guy alone. He is doing more for them than the county ever would. Bloated cow? So, what? Dumbass people.

  5. Avatar
    Ryan Graves says:

    I am 34, homeless for 1st time in my life, I am hooked on painkillers and detoxing but I got really hooked after 5 years on roxycodone and xanax and did not abuse my pain meds until I realized I really could not find a job, 300 apps, 40 resumees dropped off, then I was like my tolerance is so high and can't find work anyway, might as well try shooting up dilaudids and oxys like all my friends, sold everything I have and now hoping the economy turns around as I live in a van. USA in serious state

  6. Avatar
    MobTuff says:

    Zoning? Gimme a break. He's helping people in dire need. He's keeping potential drug addicted homeless people off your precious downtown. He has a giant property. Nobody even notices that damn place off of LOVR. Those stuck up slo middle age women on diablo dr can suck it. I've been in those homes. They're all are born with silver spoon in hand. These people don't have anyone to help them out with their problems. What a short sited idiot. TOO BAD THE POOR ARE BLOCKING YOUR VIEW YOU DUMBASS!!!!!!

  7. Avatar
    wolftreetree says:

    @mr203478 americans don't like higher taxes because they receive nothing back for there money, it all just goes to the banks and polititians, and we already pay high taxes 40% at least if you add them up, not counting fees and permits. It all goes to people like the lady you saw complaining about the man trying to help the homeless. If I'm going to help someone I'll do the best I can, and perhaps give to a private charity.

  8. Avatar
    wolftreetree says:

    @thinkforyourself4fre Be careful, I served on jury duty in our small town and it seems to me they are setting more traps out there for people who are having problems with controled substances. Oxy, and pain meds being there first choice for entrapment, I guess the government wants us all in pain. (they didn't let me stay on the jury) not politicaly correct enough for them)

  9. Avatar
    meezergurl says:

    This is a great idea and a great man! What a good use of his land and what a poor excuse for a neighbour that woman is. Heartless woman only concerned with her property values.

  10. Avatar
    David Fullerton says:

    Put all those small shelters up onto trailers like tiny homes instead. Then pull all of those trailers into a massive barn-like structure whereby it will all be out of sight, out of mind. Of course, remove all that rusty broken down equipment immediately — sell it all to a scrap yard.


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