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25 replies
  1. Avatar
    Guy Emmott says:

    WOW INDEED! Really great to hear from you Roach. Please don't underestimate the value of your experience and wisdom to your subscribers. Brilliant explanation and can't wait for part 2. PLEASE keep the content flowing. We all love your stuff.
    PS. Has Hogan been breeding?

  2. Avatar
    Crossedfingers says:

    Fantastic video Roach this should be on the national news bulletins. Brilliantly explained in a calm reassuring manner and is by far the most informative and beneficial information I’ve heard in wks. Well done and thank you sir I’m now going to communicate this msg to my friends and family who will all as I will be reassured and minds eased. Thank you so much

  3. Avatar

    I knew if i kept nagging you and Funky to get your views out you would step up lol 🙂 people are happy and reassured to see and hear your voices in times like these Roach. Remember, you, Pete and Darren really kicked started the prepper awakening in the UK. Common sense tips and tricks and a calm word does wonders for the masses. Not many people out there as lucky as me and you mucker. Now, Onwards!.

  4. Avatar
    BookGolem says:

    The floods in the USA bread basket has caused a bit of shortage in things like flour. Also the Hawaii volcano caused some problems. Personally used to getting snowed in and losing power so we have food stocked away for the inevitable.

  5. Avatar
    paul says:

    Good vid…. Very interesting to hear how long your vacuumed packed pasta and flour have lasted…. did you put oxygen absorbers in as well?.

  6. Avatar
    bossdaddy1919 says:

    Good to see you back, I got my text message yesterday telling me to self isolate for 12 weeks. minimum!. Luckily got some bits put by. My wife and son in law used to raise their eyebrows at me when I was buying preps. Now they are both taking a real interest in what we can do.


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