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We gave urban stealth camping a go on a roundabout! After a bit of research on google maps, I found a roundabout in an urban area to camp on that seemed to …
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15 replies
  1. Avatar
    Wye Explorer says:

    A good exercise in finding seclusion amid a motorway system. That certainly ticks the boxes. In fact pretty good for security. The only thing visiting you guys was in your mates dream. Good going. Mark

  2. Avatar
    d3lta1 says:

    Great video and a brilliant idea, proper urban stealth camping.
    Hope you’ve stuck that lighter in your roll along with the test tubes and knife, just an idea but a test tube full of matches as a back up might be an idea.
    Must say love the logo too 😀

    There is a guy in Canada, Steve Wallis (check out his channel), he does some interesting urban stealth camping. Not on a roundabout though! That has to be the best idea.

    Cheers for the video

  3. Avatar
    Burton Outdoors says:

    I'm sure the battery hack only works with the rectangle batteries, I've done it with wire wool instead of foil. Nice looking "Glory Hole" burgers 😂🤣 Did you see any rats? Classic rat estate on roundabouts like that, espesh near Maccy D's. Not a bad spot, maybe you should make it your BushCraft camp, you could hammock there too 😁 Nice one enjoyed it John. On to the next one.


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