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    Full Spectrum Survival says:

    WE ARE ONLY HERE HELPING OTHERS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU – PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US ON PATREON SO WE CAN SEND YOU OUT PHYSICAL SURVIVAL CARDS IN THE MAIL. We are dedicating the entire month of February's and March's survival cards to Biological preparedness. Join us on Patreon to get monthly survival cards in the mail from us to your home!

    SOURCE LINK:!po=44.9640

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    DietrichBoogie says:

    Brad -I didn't see the link to the NIH Rapid Advice Guideline you were citing from, and my search on NIH site and Google not getting me close. Can you repost that link , please ? The part about " there is little time " is just what I need to nudge some " deniers " in my fam and friends. Thank you so much for your frequent posts. You are firm, direct and detailed. It is 12-20+ minutes well-spent each night. I have a special spiral notebook just for notes on viewing your episodes, with checkmarks going by those items I've secured ( I've been working on it enough in advance that I have a rotation procedure on canned and container food ),other marks by those I'll just have to wing it on and ongoing draft of my response plan. My son is an RN in an ICU unit, and I want to share the NIH info with him. Hopefully, I'll find out what his institution is doing in prep.My immediate family is split between scoffers and those who will listen but not act or contribute to the effort. I believe there are many in my shoes, whose fam and friends believe they have gone out to the edge, become OCD about the prep matters or just plain lost it. I'm old enough to have seen alot of these epidemics before.I believe, completely based on oral tradition, that one side of my fam tree contains an uncle who died as an infant in 1918, so I strongly suspect Spanish Flu, esp given the family's location at the time. If you can address family dynamics at some point, I would love to hear your insights.Thanks to your sincere heart for all you do !

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    Doug Coxsey says:

    Its weird, the minute i learned this virus even existed about two weeks ago, i immediately got hit with the most visceral, horrible gut feeling i had. I got the goosebumps, and the hair on my arms stood up, something bad is coming, that for sure.

  4. Avatar
    Queenie Braud says:

    If the government said have 6 months of food, then why aren’t they prepared? they get our money every two weeks. Didn’t they learn from Katrina? Are they not watching China’s response on their people then why didn’t they start preparing immediately! Planes should have been grounded immediately

  5. Avatar
    David Oberkirch says:

    Hotrod Dave here,just picked up 150lbs of corn to grind up,also getting more fish penn,A friend told me about elderberry syrup to bump my immune system up.Another friend told me rosehip make a healthy tea.I also got some 3m masks besides my NBC mask.

  6. Avatar
    beatleme2 says:

    Democrats will welcome even more in 'not joking' its racists if we don't Lol- the sanctuary cities were put in place , so when this happens they can bring in the military as an excuse to take out the illegals – Trump just signed a bill to send in military er Tactical units to do just that 3 days ago . Yeah, big Cities will be under medical martial law – prob sooner than we think – and people wil think other wise

  7. Avatar
    DJ says:

    Heads up, here in the US we just today, finished a 3 day weekend due to President's Day (school closings, etc). I hate to think it but cannot help but believe that our nation will see a big uptick in covid-19 cases… super spreaders, etc. So many people make travel plans well in advance for a winter 3 daybreak. In our area alone. many tourists from all over the USA were here to ski, snowboard, etc. Praying.

  8. Avatar
    Ann Brown says:

    This is why we don't need all these illegal aliens here who take up hospital emergency rooms, hospital observation rooms, hospital beds, ICUs that Americans need when they get sick… They should come LEGALLY and they can be eased into our communities, as the communities can handle them.

  9. Avatar
    Titan 7 says:

    One local Hospital in OKC on a daily basis usually has no ICU beds. Pts have been in the ER ICU hold for as long as 45 days. Regularly all the beds in the entire hospital are full and that is without the Corona virus or flu.

  10. Avatar
    Jacque Byrd says:

    I had a trigger time to shelter in place, but I'm concerned that we are not being told the truth here in America. I can't shelter forever, so it would be nice if we knew the facts for sure.

  11. Avatar
    MattPSU02 says:

    I work in importing, dealing with about 20 factories in China. They are totally locked down. Even factories that are allowed to "operate" are under very strict rules. Only locally based employees are even allowed in the building. Raw material and tooling suppliers are delayed. The ports have issues. The Chinese government had to do all kinds of things to help small to medium sized businesses from going bankrupt during the shutdown. The ChiComs deferred taxes, insurance premiums, etc. to make sure that these businesses are still solvent when they reopen. Point is, this is as much of an economic crisis as it is a health crisis. Either one should worry anyone watching this. We are threatened by BOTH.

    Oh and I get samples shipped parcel from China EVERY DAY. It is unclear if the Coronavirus can survive within these packages for the 3-4 days it takes to transit here. That isn't talked about enough.

  12. Avatar
    Donna Sensinger says:

    I seen on the news today China is even quarantine money. What's next, a chip in you to buy or sell. This stuff is getting worse. This is Biblical people. Wake up. Prepare the best way you can.

  13. Avatar
    Cadowyn says:

    If your area is out of supplies, check the more urban stores. Preparation seems to be a rural thing. I've noticed the local Wal-Mart will be sold out, but the one 15 minutes more down the road has almost nothing missing.

    Also, my local Lowe's had several boxes of N95 masks, paint suits and gloves. Key word: had. 😉 lol

  14. Avatar
    keri goncalves says:

    From what I have been hearing, ppl testing positive are not being qaurentend, also numbers of cases not being reported to the public….its so frustrating to not know the truth…my mom thinks I'm nuts for buying extra food and water. I have kids and an infant I'm not taking any chances

  15. Avatar
    Paul Gonzales says:

    All this bs about so and so by 2025 they need to control the population so for sure this is a man made new virus 🦠 to kill us off and seriously for years about the flue it’s also man made are u seriously supposedly there is a flu season and why is there even a season it’s more like a season to release the flu

  16. Avatar
    James Rush says:

    Get this. A sibling of mine is telling me that all of this is BS. He's saying that I can't believe everything that I read on the web. DUUUHH!!! No sht Russ!! But when you have the CDC, WHO and all sorts of other Alphabet Agencies all saying the same thing, plus Experts who have no reason to lie all saying the same thing,, who are you going to listen to? The Voices in your head? How about listening to that voice in your head that's saying you should probably listen? So go ahead. Live your life as carefree and Free as you say. That's your prerogative. But for those who can see, hear and make decisions for ourselves and not live in a bubble, we can see that something wicked this way comes. Willful Ignorance doesn't have to be one of them. Think for yourselves! Stop letting your spouse keep your balls in her purse and do what you know is the smart thing to do. Sure we all may have only a short amount of time to live on this earth,, but why make that time shorter by being stupid?!

  17. Avatar

    Always informative and good synapses sustanage. Government in Greek means mind control. Want to know why Christ said it would only get worse, until He comes again? Satanism is out of control. They are destroyers, all 1 billion of them. Satan is dead.

  18. Avatar
    Antilleotheclown says:

    This is what I have feared all my life growing up. And now all the information I’ve learned and educated myself with will now payoff for me my family. So may people laugh at me prepping and preparing for events like this and now it’s coming to everyone’s door step. That you for sharing this information and hopefully people will listen and prepare and not laugh and think everything is going to be ok. God bless you and your family.


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