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A quick review of the new Camelbak All Clear UV water purifier bottle. A great little product@
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    LoSTRaMaiR says:

    I didn't even realize Camelbak made a UV bottle. I just got one of their filtered bottles (Groove).

    You may not have the resources to test how effective the UV bottle really is, but it would be interesting (and reassuring) to see the "before" and "after" treatment.

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    A Lajam says:

    I don't think this actually works against parasitic infections which can be far worse than bacterial infections. This won't be as effective as it sounds like it would.

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    Tys Fleur says:

    Bought this UV purifier 2,5 years ago. I travelled south east Asia with it for a year and drank water from the tap everywhere I went, even the scrubbiest of places. you can do about 40 purification's on a single charge. And they say you can do about 10,000 in total before the uv light needs replacing. It is imo the best thing you can bring with you while traveling as you don't have to buy plastic bottles every day which helps the environment, it saves you a lot of money if you're traveling for a longer period as well. Oh and the good thing is I've never been sick from drinking any water. So yeah it works

  4. Avatar

    Are replacement UV bulbs available in the event it stops working ???

    How is the reliability of the UV bulbs ??? (its been 7 years since the video has been posted)

    Thanks for the review.


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