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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

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Prepper Burn Treatment

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    Æ Œ says:

    $1.7T?! Geez! This shit is getting bad. The only way to really fix this is to retract your markets and start producing more in your own country. This could be a time to get rich!

  2. Avatar
    A.S. Dal says:

    The best day to prepare has passed, but better today than tomorrow. Atleast stock up on a few months supply to live without the regular luxuries and conveniences you're used to.

  3. Avatar
    Christopher Kleinbach says:

    Food water and necessities will run out in the u.s. in the next 2 to 4 weeks grab supply's whial they last even if it is not as bad as it can be, people freaking out overloading their shopping carts means less for everyone else and that people freaking out in a panic can be just as deadly as the virus itself or even worse, think of the old people and the children I'm sure we young adults will be strong enough to beat this virus and pandimic.😶

  4. Avatar
    Linda Wright says:

    Many people live from paycheck to paycheck, have a lot of credit card debt and very little savings. It will be very difficult for these people to self-quarantine for a month or two and have enough shelf stable food and other supplies at home so they do not need to go shopping during this time. The time to start stocking up on basic, non-refrigerated food and some non-prescription cold and flu meds is now while such items are readily available and are at still at normal prices. Now is also the time to buy a digital medical thermometer for adults and one for children and also a finger tip pulse oximeter, because once a family member becomes ill with flu-like symptoms you will need to monitor their temperature/pulse rate/oxygen levels and relay that information on a nurse practitioner hot line to find out if you need to get that family member to an emergency room. Keep in mind that people can have mild symptoms with this corona virus for a week or so and then quickly develop life-threatening pneumonia. You can get the thermometers and pulse oximeter on Amazon if you cannot find them at your local pharmacy. The kind of digital thermometer that measures temperature from a probe in the ear is almost as accurate as one that goes under the tongue and a lot easier to use with someone who is coughing and sneezing.

  5. Avatar
    iJim says:

    Sorry but "Social Distancing" that did make me giggle, is this what they are calling "being quarantined"?
    Looks like it could be nearly time to take a deep breath, check your stocks and prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best

  6. Avatar
    Red-Pilled Steel says:

    Yesterday I went to the grocery store and just bought as much as I could, not sure if it's a good thing or not that while I was stocking up, everyone else was just acting like everything is ok. Be prepared before anything happens, because you won't be able to find anything left or stay safe when shtf.

  7. Avatar
    조성우 says:

    As a Korean, I will tell you about the situation here. The KF94 (= N95) mask is completely gone. Daegu's situation is so severe that some people wear a 3M full face mask. Military medical officers and volunteers go to Daegu and do their best. I stock up on emergency food, drinking water and disinfectants. If you live in the United States or England, be prepared for pandemic.


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