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  1. Avatar
    QANGOR says:

    One expert source has indicated that at least 1 individual has been seen with active virus on day 27 (14 days is the current quarantine period. Not 27 nor 28 nor 40 days)

  2. Avatar
    Ridge Runner says:

    Actually, the govt has been suggesting citizens have emergency food stores for maybe a decade now. I'm not pro govt. I was in the Gulf War, I know how inside out, up side down, and backwards the govt functions. Which is exactly why you should rely on yourself and not the govt. When you point a finger at the govt, three more point at you.

  3. Avatar
    QANGOR says:

    Now this: Even Tom Cruise had to stop filming """Mission Impossible 7""" in ITALY !!! He has chosen not to accept the mission and this tape message will autodestruct in 5 seconds!

  4. Avatar
    lyfs avor says:

    If this hits as hard as it appears supplies will not save you. This could be a near extinction level event due to severe disruptions in every aspect of society and will result in widespread rioting and anarchy, and if the virus itself doesn't kill you something else will, be it lack of food, medical supplies/medication, water, heat, etc. Your best bet is head for the hills and I have my doubts even that will save you. I'm too old and will ride out the storm where I sit.

  5. Avatar
    qhilliq says:

    stuff can sit in a warehouse for years before its moved or even delivered out to retail, I've seen a warehouse full of Catelli pasta sauce, branded 2020 date, and red-bull sitting for a year in 2016, also apples can be stored in that waxy coat for 3ish before being shipped out to retails

  6. Avatar
    Mark Wolfshohl says:

    You better get weapons….another personal protective because people that don’t have all that shit you have so responsibly collected, will take it from you in a heartbeat. I know your Canadian, but giving you this advice from the Republic of Texas.

  7. Avatar
    S. May says:

    In the USA : the year 2017 close to 80,000 died and around 950,000 were hospitalized due to flu's, in 2018 61,000 dieded & 650,000 hospitalized, into the 2019-2020 cycle 16,000 dieded and 280,000 hospitalized, with 6,600 deaths and 120,000 hospitalized. Most of the deaths were people who were under vaccinated or not at all, but even vacation does not guarantee survival, it's just like war; I just got over a flu, and also got a vacation with 4 strains, including 2 new Victoria strains… my body is recently familiar with 5 antibodies in the event of immunity arms race, might help. There are other viruses floating around and there's no rule that says you can only get hit with only one or two viruses and no bacteria or Fungal's….lol

  8. Avatar
    S. May says:

    A very high kill/death rate that beats as lot of things…. 911 killed killed closed to 3000, and we went into a war and then a conflict for 20years and spend billions…. Viruses etc pack a big punch for being so tiny.

  9. Avatar
    Anthony Smith says:

    Pretty sure this coming collapse is why they are pushing so hard, even spending their own money, to take our guns away.. Think about it.. They have their bunkers and soon 5G. God save you if you are dumb enough to give up your only power of protection for you and your family.


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