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    Prepper Potpourri says:

    Another great presentation. I appreciate your thorough research and charts. I agree it is very confusing. I have recently been working on this area of prepping. Last month I purchased the Sawyer bucket kit for home emergency use. We have our own well, a rain barrel and live on a stream and have many lakes nearby. I get the well water tested every year to be safe. We also have cases of bottled water. I want to put in a manual well pump because we lose water when we lose electricity. I’m trying to get some quotes regarding cost for this.  I have the Sawyer mini-straws for my GHB and in my car too. I’m starting to feel a little better prepared as far as water goes. Please keep producing these thorough videos. I really feel they are informative.

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    kawikahokulani says:

    Thanks for showing that most filtration systems & purification tablets by themselves are inadequate, best results are to combine them together.  They both have different strengths & weaknesses.

    I really like the Sawyer Kits, and have put them in several travel bag kits or BOB's.  I even keep one under the seat on my motorcycles/ATV's.  They work great as individual usage filters on the go or filtering larger quantities in buckets for groups.

    Most prepper water systems work to differing levels to filter & purify FRESH water, they will NOT turn salt water into drinkable fresh water, and you will suffer the dehydration issues if your source water is salt water contaminated.  Why is this important?  There is a huge cost difference between filtering & purifying FRESH water versus making fresh water from salt water.  Reverse Osmosis makes FRESH water, as does Distillation.  RO is typically expensive, compared to simple filtration.  Distillation is simple in concept, but can be costly to effectively produce fresh water in quantity.   I would like to see a combination food pressure cooker/water distiller, perhaps someone has one out there.  It seems like it would be fairly simple.  I remember my mother using a pressure cooker to cook roasts when I was a kid, and always was fascinated watching the pressure relief valve wobble on the top of the lid.  I may have to swing by a kitchen supply store and pick up a classic pressure cooker and do some experimenting, see if I can effectively distill drinkable water and leave those heavy toxins behind.

    A good source of information/systems on Fresh Watermakers is the boating and blue-water cruising industry.  Boats, both power & sail, that typically make long open-water crossings, will carry multiple fresh water-makers, capable of topping of the fresh water tanks, and emergency units for life-rafts.  Survivor 06 Watermaker
    Katadyn Power Survivor Watermaker

    Marine Grade equipment is often very similar to equipment used on land based RV's, but built to a higher standard to endure the salt water and direct sun conditions.  Where as equipment for an RV might be built of various plastics and metals, the same equipment for Marine use is likely to use Stainless Steel and high-end polymers.  Most Marine & RV systems are meant to operate on 12VDC, which is great for most preppers…..we all have vehicles with a 12VDC battery and electrical system.  Add some solar/wind charging capabilities, and your basic vehicle becomes more than a means of transportation, but a means of producing clean & FRESH drinkable water, even if you run out of gas. Charging with Solar Panels – Solar Charging – Part 1

    Peace & Prepare
    Pax et Paro

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    TheMountainRN says:

    as always good video. My water prep are divided like yours. but my bag have a different time frame: 72 hour ( edc), 1 week ( BOB), 2 month ( bug in).  EDC: steripen with usb, chemical chlorine pills and the use of solar with a new food bag i carry ( clear one side and black on the other). I also have tools in case the water is still on in the city to tap in it. BOB i have: and carry MRS filter with carbon. after talking to a few people in the disaster world they recommended that one: For bug in: rely on rain : ( can also change sea water via solar), use the tub to collect in advance if i can,

    the main issue I am working right now is how  to work my grey water and what if I have to treat sea water. I may look more into those seychelles after your video 8)

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    Scott Johnson says:

    Thanks for the heads up about microcystin. I did some read and I gather the toxin can withstand the boiling tempetures and the water evaporating is what makes the toxin more concentrated. Perhaps boiling the water and condensing the steam or vapour could work?

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    gravityprone part 2 says:

    Good informative video. I have the Seychelles advanced bottle. I found you have to be careful not to squeeze it near the mouth. The soft plastic bends and breaks the seal which then lakes out unfiltered water. Also, I tested it in a pond in the mountains with ducks swimming around nearby, and it tasted horrible. I did not get sick.


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